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More Concerning Reports Pour In...

Nov 17, 2020

Liberty Counsel Action’s staff remains on the frontlines with ballot counting in Pennsylvania and conducting investigations concerning other states. More than 5,000 ballots were a part of the objections that we raised because of a high likelihood of fraud in just one of Pennsylvania’s 67 total counties. The county that we are working in only contains 3% of the total population for Pennsylvania.

Last week there were more than 11,000 allegations of election fraud in about 500 sworn affidavits. This election process is far from over. This and all future elections depend on what we do today.

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This election is not finished. There are almost four full weeks before the deadline for states to certify the results, and if there is no resolution by December 14, then the next phase moves to January 2021. The Constitution has provided the process for contested elections, including the Twelfth Amendment after the first contested election involving Thomas Jefferson.

We know the following to be true:

  • A former employee was registered to vote under her maiden name in Michigan. So was her high school friend who lives in Alaska.
  • Friends of our staff who live in a Democrat neighborhood received three separate ballots to vote.
  • Our attorney, an authorized observer, has been prevented by Philadelphia Democrats from observing the vote count, as has every GOP observer.
  • There is a signed affidavit claiming that when observers were similarly kicked out of one Michigan county, 40,000 fraudulent ballots were brought in for Biden.
  • In Antrim, MI, 6,000 votes for Trump were given to Biden. When the manual review revealed the problem, the votes were corrected. This same software program is used in many Michigan counties and states.

How many more problems are there and how widespread is each issue? We won’t know until we dig deep and investigate each problem.

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A county in Michigan that used Dominion ballot machines found that 6,000 votes had been changed from Trump to Biden. And Georgia, which predominately uses the same program also had an issue where they found that their ballots were not being properly counted. Texas rejected Dominion because of the potential for fraud.

These are three very serious problems! Yet the fake news wants to pretend like nothing happened.

Dominion reportedly controls 40% of all voting ballot machines.

Criminal attorney Sidney Powell, who represents General Flynn, claims she has extensive evidence of fraud involving Dominion. “There has been a massive and coordinated effort to steal this election from ‘We the People.’”

While some allegations may not be supported, there are many that raise serious concerns, some of which our staff has personal knowledge of. We are reviewing the allegations, observing the vote count, raising objections where needed, and preparing legal research to ensure a fair election.

A new lawsuit was filed late last week in Michigan that claims evidence exists to cast sufficient doubt on the results of the Presidential election in Michigan. The lawsuit “seeks to invalidate the presidential election results in counties where illegal ballots and ballot-counting were so widespread that the overall results cannot be trusted,” said the Bopp Law Firm.

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Fighting for our future,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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