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Take Action: Demand Justice!

Apr 14, 2022

Two weeks have passed since 115 infant bodies were discovered in medical waste containers leaving Washington Surgi-Clinic in D.C. Five of these babies were wrapped separately, and each of the five appeared to be well past the point of viability. Evidence of the violence these children suffered indicated that they may have been born alive before they were killed.

The D.C. government and police are dragging their heels in an investigation that should have been fast-tracked! In contrast, WE ARE NOT DRAGGING OUR HEELS in helping you act today to ensure this horrific practice cannot continue in America.

Make your voice heard in the halls of Congress, demanding justice for these murdered children.

The Born Alive Act (HR 619 and S 123) will punish those who murder, neglect or dissect babies born alive following an abortion.

We have 204 co-sponsors in the House and 46 co-sponsors in the Senate. WE ONLY NEED A FEW MORE HOUSE AND SENATE MEMBERS TO JOIN US TO PASS THE BORN ALIVE ACT.

Here's how you can get involved now:

  1. Send urgent faxes to congressional members to demand justice, act now and pass the Born Alive Act.

  2. Sign our free petition. We have 15,000 signatures and counting!!

Our petition is free and our incremental fax levels are set up to cover admin costs; the choice is yours!

Become an active part of ending abortion in America today. Here's the link:


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