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Hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19 Fact Sheet

WATCH w/Notes: West Point presentation - Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War

Bill Gates

Black Lives Matter

George Soros

Hate Groups:


Voter Fraud

Bill Gates

There is plenty of information about Gates and his plan for global vaccinations, tracking, and using government force to require compliance. There is also a lot about his ideology going back to his father, who was the head of Planned Parenthood. To get you started, you can watch these four videos which include many comments by Gates. If you are pressed for time, begin with the third video and then the fourth video link, and then you can view the first and second. Again, this is merely a sample as Gates has made many statements and likes to talk about his global plans.
  • How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health: watch video
  • Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid: watch video
  • Innovating to Zero (carbon emissions globally): Ted2010: watch video

Black Lives Matter

While we definitely believe that black lives matter, we also believe that all lives matter, including unborn lives. There is a significant difference between the words "black lives matter" and the organization Black Lives Matter. This difference is worth exploring. We encourage you to look into the history of this organization, what they believe and how they are using human compassion to push Marxism and anarchy all across America.

Research Page: <CLICK HERE>


COVID Shutdowns Turn Deadly

What we are currently writing is not one-sided and it is most definitely not over dramatized. The lock downs delay the spread, but do not stop it. Many researchers have now concluded the same. As soon as the lock downs are lifted, we go back to square one. It is a simple fact of herd immunity, or the lack of it.

We encourage you to do your own research about the impact of the lock downs in America and around the world. The health and death effects are enormous. In some parts of the world there are estimates that hundreds of millions will die of starvation. Check out the Townhall article posted here and the Fox News article here.

Almost half of all COVID deaths are in nursing homes. It is terrible to see how the elderly have been treated. Review the New York Post article here.

Keeping people from receiving HQC is a major problem, because it has been shown in multiple studies to be very effective.

We research this issue every day and are not one-sided or over dramatizing what is happening. Sign up for our email updates from Liberty Counsel Action or Liberty Counsel and stay up to date on what's happening.

PUT FAITH IN MENTAL HEALTH: Attending religious services can ward off depression

HCQ - Hydroxychloroquine - MORE DETAILS

Hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19 Fact Sheet

Where can you get HCQ? America's Frontline Doctors

Watch highly respected Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale, on Hydroxychloroquine: Fox News

Journal of Medicine says HCQ + Zinc Reduces COVID Deaths: Mercola 

2/1/2021 - After 440,000 Americans reportedly died, mainstream media and Big Tech finally admit Hydroxychloroquine works: Natural News 


  - Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

Vaccine Deaths - 
Independent fact-based public education website


WATCH w/Notes: West Point presentation - Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War

VACCINE RISKS - LifeSite News - ..."The risks far outweigh the benefits"

mRNA Research - The COVID Vaccines - What you need to know!

1/28/2021 - Healthcare worker dies after second dose of COVID vaccine... ARTICLE

2/1/2021 - At least 271 deaths, 9,845 adverse events after COVID vaccination so far: CDC data... ARTICLE 

2/2/2021 - Moderna vaccine causing "COVID arm" among some patients... ARTICLE 

2/2/2021 - Seniors Dying After COVID Vaccine Labeled as Natural Causes... ARTICLE 

2/3/2021 - Gloucester grandmother dies within hours of receiving COVID vaccine... ARTICLE 

2/5/2021 - 501 deaths + 10,748 other injuries reported following COVID vaccine, latest CDC data show... ARTICLE

2/15/2021 - Nursing Home Deaths following Covid-19 vaccine across the globe (Spain, Norway, Germany, England, NY, etc)... ARTICLE

2/22/2021 - France considers slowing vaccine rollout for hospital staff, with many unable to work following jab... ARTICLE

2/25/2021 - Several nuns die after taking first shot of COVID vaccine... ARTICLE

Did You Know This About Vaccinations?
Mass vaccination plans may have the appearance of being "voluntary," but in fact these programs will determine where you are allowed to travel, when you are allowed to shop and even if you are allowed to leave your own home. And the apps to enforce compliance that are being tested in the US are already widely in use around the globe.

Many people object to mandatory vaccinations for religious reasons. Oftentimes, these individuals are told that they have no choice and must receive the vaccinations as well as their children.

Did you know that many vaccinations are derived from aborted fetal tissue?


The 5 Stages of Vaccine Development
A vaccine usually takes more than 10 years to develop and costs up to $500 million.

||

Science Mag: Vaccines and Aborted Babies
This recently published article should have drawn the eyes of every American concerned about health and life. ALL the top COVID-19 vaccines, including the two “fast tracked” ...

||

George Soros

Research Page: <CLICK HERE>

Hate Groups

Liberty Counsel is a Christian ministry. We believe every person is created in the image of God and should be treated with dignity and respect. We believe that discourse should be civil and respectful. We condemn violence and do not support any person or group that advocates or promotes violence.

||

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has grossly misrepresented Liberty Counsel in the recent article on its website titled “10 Things You Should Know About The Liberty Counsel”. The response below is to HRC’s misrepresentations.

Misrepresentation 1: “Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver says LGBT young people have “confusion because of ‘the likes of a Jerry Sandusky abuser,’ so they need to be cured by dangerous attempts to change their sexual orientation—a practice that has been condemned by every major medical and mental health organization in the country.”

False. Staver never said Jerry Sandusky caused gay people to be confused. He said when a young boy is sexually abused by “the likes of a Jerry Sandusky” it is not uncommon that the young boy blames himself, may develop unwanted same-sex sexual attractions, and sometimes tries to abuse other boys in the way he was abused.

||

Rebutting Right Wing Watch's “Ten Horrific Things Kim Davis’s Attorney Has Said About Gay People”

In seeking to malign and discredit Liberty Counsel and its client, Kim Davis, Right Wing Watch has merely discredited itself by misrepresenting the words and actions of Mat Staver.

||

The Southern Poverty Law Center grossly misrepresents and maligns Liberty Counsel by labeling Liberty Counsel, a Christian legal ministry, as a “hate group.” And it reaches that spurious conclusion without offering any evidence of hate, whatsoever. Instead, the SPLC elevates disagreement with the LGBT agenda into proof of hate. But disagreement is not hate.

||

A Liberty Counsel Special Report
The Southern Poverty Law Center Exposed

Speaking to a friendly audience, Senior Fellow of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Mark Potok, spoke frankly about his group’s real purpose. It’s not what most in the media think. “Sometimes the press will describe us as monitoring hate crimes,” Potok told a luncheon crowd.

Potok then said, “I want to say plainly that our aim in life is to destroy these groups, to completely destroy them.”

And the SPLC is highly selective in who it seeks to “destroy.” While the SPLC’s original focus was on racial hate groups that promote or engage in violence, it has now included...

||


The Science is Conclusive: Masks and Respirators do NOT Prevent Transmission of Viruses:  READ ARTICLE


Snopes and its founders are proven to have liberal bias and have been wrong many times. In addition, they utilize and pay radical authors who are also biased. Take this article, for instance, written by Alex Kasprak. He worked for Buzzfeed News and did this "investigation" on "radical evangelicals" <article>.

There is a lot of information on Snopes that you can research, but do not rely on Google, since it buries many articles. Use a browser like DuckDuckGo.

Below are two articles to help you see deeper into the founders of Snopes:

Snopes Paid to Push ‘Propaganda’ by Facebook, Former Editor Reveals: READ ARTICLE

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