Advancing Liberty Through Action

This is not a drill!

Mar 21, 2019

Democrats are close to outlawing your religious freedom to honor God with your speech and actions...and some Republicans are helping them do it. HR 5 will force every person in our nation to bow the knee to the whims and wishes of those who are sexually confused - or face devastating consequences. - Mat

This bill is not a hopeless attempt by radical Democrats, but a well-coordinated attack on religious freedom. HR 5 currently has more than one-hundred large companies financially supporting it and hundreds of U.S. legislators co-sponsoring it!

We are just a few votes away from Washington D.C. making it illegal to live out your Christian faith in America. Right now, we must fight for our religious freedom more than we ever have in our lives!

We cannot count on the courts to save us. The U.S. Supreme Court just refused to take the case of a home owner who is being punished and forced to rent a room of her own home to a lesbian couple. Now Democrats want to push these same laws nationwide!

HR 5 would apply to nearly everyone, to all businesses, religious non-profits and schools, churches, all the way down to Etsy home crafters, uber drivers, home-based daycares, cake bakers, Airbnb hosts, and the list goes on...Basically, if you want to make a living, HR 5 will force you to become subservient to LGBT dictators.

I'm asking you to get involved right now to stop this bill!

Liberty Counsel Action has created a list of practical ways you can make a difference.

      1. Educate yourself using our two-page explanation on the impact of HR 5. You can print and share or email this to other members of your community.
      2. Inform pastors by sending a pre-written email that includes information on HR 5 and an invitation to participate in a conference call with me next Tuesday. I will be explaining HR 5's legal impact on the church.
      3. Donate to Liberty Counsel Action's efforts in Washington D.C. to stop this bill.
      4. "Like" Liberty Counsel Action's Facebook page. We will be sharing a new meme on this bill each day and I ask that you share these to your Facebook page to help spread the word.
      5. Sign Liberty Counsel Action's petition to help us educate our legislators on grassroots views on this bill
      6. Forward our petition to your friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, and anyone who cares about preserving religious liberty in America.
      7. Write a letter to the Editor of your local newspaper. You are free to use talking points from Liberty Counsel Action. We encourage a professional, gentle tone that focuses on the importance of preserving religious freedom.
      8. Pray about how you can use your unique skills and relationships to bless and educate others about this bill.
      9. Monitor for current and future resources on this legislation.

I'm excited to provide these resources thanks to generous donations of people across America who enabled us to be prepared for today's fight. Financial support is the lifeblood of organizations like our's. We cannot be in D.C. fighting for common sense values without partners all across the U.S. who share our mission and burden for our nation.

There is intense pressure in Washington D.C. from Democrats who promised to elevate privileges for sexual behavior above religious freedom. And liberal companies are putting their money where their mouth is. Please pray about supporting our ministry today to help us fight HR 5 and the many future battles on the horizon!

We are involved in fighting what could be a catastrophic collision between privileges for those struggling with sexual confusion and our religious freedom! Please join me in prayer, in support, and in action against this bill.

In service to you and our nation,

Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. I've provided a list of ways to help spread the word about the dangers of HR 5. Will you join with Liberty Counsel Action to fight for religious freedom? Support our ministry with a donation today, invite your pastor to participate in a conference call, and sign and share our petition today. With the Lord's help, together we can stop HR 5!