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Hold Pompeo Accountable

May 3, 2019

Sec. Pompeo plans to increase his department's promotion of LGBT goals this month. 

A memo is being drafted for Sec. Pompeo to push all U.S. embassies to lobby for new privileges for LGBT activists. Sec. Pompeo has already threatened any country hesitating to accept his LGBT agenda with facing visa restrictions, a withdrawal of foreign aid, and even economic sanctions.

I need your help to stop this immediate threat to religious freedom worldwide. If you haven't already, take 30 seconds to sign and support our petition to Sec. Pompeo - Mat.

While we are still fighting HR 5, we can't ignore Sec. Pompeo's new demands pushing this exact same agenda around the world.

His new memo is described as escalating past actions. Yet, Sec. Pompeo already has recognized an LGBT "phobia" day on his website. His words opposed any country that allow "acts of discrimination" in employment and housing against those identifying as LGBT. He allowed no exceptions for religious people, organizations, schools or churches.

He released a separate statement claiming LGBT conduct is part of basic "human rights and fundamental freedoms." He went to to condemn any nation where there is "harassment and intimidation" of LGBT people who demonstrate in pride parades.

Liberty Counsel Action is working hard to fight both this new memo and HR 5 on Capitol Hill. Yet, we are significantly behind financially because email censors targeted and blocked most of our emails last month. Despite this, we worked hard to amplify the voices of thousands who have already signed this petition.

I deeply appreciate your prayers and any financial support you can give at a critical time in this battle.

Sec. Pompeo is using America's international reputation to shove his controversial view on other nations. He is threatening any country that seeks to protect religious freedom or refuses to promote the LGBT agenda.

America has always been a brightly shining example for the nations. Don't let Sec. Pompeo turn that into the enforcement arm of the LGBT movement. If you haven't already, please sign our petition.

Right now is our best chance to completely stop this memo. We expect Sec. Pompeo is planning to send out his new directive within two weeks. That means right now, he needs to hear an overwhelming outcry against his threats towards other nations. Can you help us by spreading the word to other people who would be willing to sign? Just forward this message to others who care about religious freedom.


Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Please help me stop Pompeo from forcing U.S. ambassadors to become tools for the LGBT agenda. If you haven't already, sign our petition to President Trump and Sec. Pompeo. Then, share this news with others and consider an extra gift to help. We must hold our nation's leaders accountable on these important issues. Thank you!