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A Matter of Life and Death...

May 14, 2019

HR 5 will be on the U.S. House floor today at 4:30 PM ET. Last week showed us an example of the life or death consequences that would be further pushed by HR 5. The House is expected to pass this bill this week. Keep reading to see what you can do to stop this dangerous bill. - Mat

There are potentially deadly consequences to the participants in transgender treatments and those around them. Last week, just eight miles away from Columbine, Colorado, another school shooting took place. It is a devastating example of what HR 5 could encourage. One of the shooters was a female named Maya confused about her gender and wanting to be “male.” She was using the name Alec McKinney and self-described as “that gay kid.” 

She hated Christians and was filled with rage. The consequences of taking hormones (in this case testosterone) can be deadly. 

McKinney needed help. However, HR 5 would make it illegal for a professional to even talk to her about the power of knowing Jesus to help her find peace in her other relationships. HR 5 would permanently lock McKinney in a hopeless cycle of counselors telling her she can’t change her future interests and attractions and encouraging her rebellion against God.

It would have taken just one person to help McKinney find forgiveness and freedom in Jesus Christ. But HR 5 would make it illegal for a school employee or counselor to be that one person offering real hope. 

HR 5 absolutely must be stopped. Real lives depend on it. I am concerned that I still don’t have your name to add to our petition against HR 5. It would be an incredible help if you just took a few seconds to add it. This week is the last push to prepare for the real battle in the Senate. LCA is so very close to having 20,000 signatures against HR 5. Will you help us reach this goal?

+  +  Double Standard

Even when a transgender and a pro-gay person kill one and hurt others, the media is quick to say it had nothing to do with “trans” ideology. In spite of a Facebook post promoting LGBT and saying “I hate Christians” or other posts from one of the shooters supporting President Obama while mocking President Trump and Fox News, the media have gone silent on the shooters.

Instead the media are circulating quotes blaming society for not being more supportive of these kids. This exposes their willingness to blame all violence (regardless of who is doing it) on everything but the cause.

At the same time, legislators are using HR 5 to muzzle us from talking about a proper view of male and female and human relationships. It is critical to protect our freedom so that we can present a clear message of hope. We cannot allow the “Equality Act” to ban our freedom of speech to show teens a healthy path. I need your help now to join our petition against HR 5. Just click below. 

LCA has uncovered major consequences that are part of this bill. We have become a leading voice in the fight against HR 5. None of this is possible without the generous financial support of people like you.

Stand with us to fight for freedom. Working together, we can win.

Thank you for caring about our nation and the future we are leaving to the next generation.


Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. I want to be able to present the Senate with a huge petition. Help me send a clear message. Sign Liberty Counsel Action's petition right now. And then donate and forward this message to your friends and family members.