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(Last Chance) for Pompeo

May 15, 2019

Today is your last chance to sign LCA’s petition to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo before we deliver it tomorrow 

We are urging his office to stop promoting the LGBT agenda. A year ago Friday, Sec. Pompeo delivered a statement that the U.S. “firmly opposed” any deviations in “housing, employment and government services” for those involved in the LGBT lifestyle. Ominously missing from his statement was any mention of exemptions for religious landlords, employers or government officials.

I have received word that another memo already is being drafted to push this even further. I need your help to stop this immediate threat to religious freedom worldwide. Please take just a few seconds right now to sign our petition to Sec. Pompeo. - Mat.

Last year Sec. Pompeo recognized an LGBT "phobia" day on May 17th. Today at midnight is the last day to add signatures on our petition before we deliver it to Sec. Pompeo before this annual day.

After his first document, (described above) Sec. Pompeo released a separate statement claiming LGBT conduct is part of basic “human rights and fundamental freedoms.” He went on to condemn any nation where there is “harassment and intimidation” of LGBT people who demonstrate in pride parades.

Sec. Pompeo should not be putting the full weight of American international pressure at the bidding of LGBT lobbyists. Yet, my political connections in D.C. are warning me that the new LGBT demands scheduled to come from Sec. Pompeo’s office are even worse for religious freedom.

Liberty Counsel Action is working hard to fight both this new memo and HR 5 on Capitol Hill. Yet, we continue to battle groups that are blacklisting our emails and refusing to deliver them to some providers. This hurts the income we rely on to do this work.

I deeply appreciate your prayers and any financial support you can give at a critical time in this battle.


We cannot allow our tax dollars and America’s international laid to be used to push the LGBT agenda across the world. Sec. Pompeo is threatening any country that seeks to protect religious freedom or refuses to promote the LGBT agenda.

America has always been a brightly shining example for the nations. Don’t let Sec. Pompeo turn that into the enforcement arm of the LGBT movement. Sign our petition to stop this before midnight tonight.

We already have thousands of names to deliver to him, but I’d like to ad thousands more today. Sec. Pompeo needs to hear an overwhelming outcry against these threats towards other nations. Can you forward this email to others who may be willing to add their name to this effort?



Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action


P.S. Please help me stop Pompeo from forcing U.S. ambassadors to become tools for the LGBT agenda. If you haven’t already, sign our petition to President Trump and Sec. Pompeo. Then, share this news with others and consider an extra gift to help. We must hold our nation’s leaders accountable on these important issues. Thank you!