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HR 5 Passed: This is How They Voted

May 17, 2019

Today HR 5 passed the U.S. House. All Democrats votes supported this destruction of religious freedom under the guise of "equality" for the LGBT community. Shockingly, eight Republicans joined them.

It is a sobering window into the soul of our nation when many of our nation's leaders stand up and emotionally berate anyone who dares support religious freedom. But Liberty Counsel Action is proud to be leading the opposition to this horrific bill.

Today's vote showed our House of Representatives willfully discarding both common sense and religious freedom. But I do not have time to dwell on that this afternoon. I want to alert you to a concerning development at the White House.

In the past, President Trump preemptively promised to veto any pro-abortion legislation. When it comes to HR 5, President Trump has NOT YET promised to veto this outrageous bill. He has only mentioned a few passing criticisms of the bill.

I need you to stand up right now and join Liberty Counsel Action in fighting this bill! HR 5 decimates our Constitution and religious freedom. We are fighting against it with everything we have. Please take a few seconds to add your name to our petition against this dangerous bill and then keep reading to hear some of the shocking words heard on our House floor today. -Mat

Today on the House floor, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that Democrats will no longer be satisfied with mere tolerance of LGBT behavior. "Tolerant?" she said. "That's a condescending word to me. This is not about tolerance. This is about respect for the LGBTQ community. This is about taking pride."

But HR 5 goes far beyond making legislative demands that Americans "respect" LGBT behavior. It would result in the wholesale destruction of our religious freedom. It allows others to force you to bow down to their false sense of pride or face debilitating legal consequences.

"HR 5 endangers the First Amendment right of every single American," said Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) "Because the bill makes no provision for sincerely held religious belief, it will criminalize the fundamental tenants of major world religions."
Will you sit on the sidelines while Congress is in the process of criminalizing our sincerely held religious beliefs? I pray you will help us turn back this radical bill in the Senate by making your best possible donation to stop this outrage.

The list of Republicans who abandoned our founding principles and voted for HR 5 are Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25), Susan Brooks (IN-05), Elise Stefanik (NY-21), Tom Reed (NY-23), John Katko (NY-24), Greg Walden (OR-02), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01), and Will Hurd (TX-23).

We must hold these Republicans accountable! Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), in her opposition to this bill, said it " clear in its intent. This bill is a brazen attempt to replace religious liberties with the identity politics of the moment."  She went on to describe today's vote as a "fevered grasping" and "hysterical clawing at individual Americans who hold personal religious convictions."

It is imperative that we do not allow this bill to reach the White House. Stand with me today. Sign our petition to stop this bill cold in the U.S. Senate.

Yesterday, I was on Fox News Radio spreading the alarm about HR 5 and other members of our team were on other national and international media outlets. Liberty Counsel Action is being recognized as a prominent leader on this issue.

We were the first voice alerting the public and we will not shrink in the face of criticism or threats of violence. The informative overviews we created on HR 5 are some of the most popular on the Internet. We are humbled to be given the opportunity to be shaping the national conversation concerning this bill.

Financial support is the life blood to our citizen action organization. We need your help with a donation right away. Email providers have been refusing to deliver our emails to a large number of our supporters during the last 6 weeks. This kind of censorship has had a severe impact on our organization's income. Will you help make up this financial short fall as we face the greatest threat to religious liberty that I have yet seen?

I agree with Rep. Jerrold Nadler on one thing concerning today's vote: It was certainly "historic." But I am completely committed to relegating this bill to the dust bin of history and prevent it from subverting the Constitution and damaging the future of our great nation! I would appreciate any help you can provide today.


Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. We are hoping to get more than 25,000 signatures on this vital petition. We are very close to achieving that milestone. Would you sign LCA’s petition right now to help reach this goal? Then, if you can donate and forward this email to your friends, family, and church members, I would be extremely grateful for your support.