Advancing Liberty Through Action

They Smell Blood in the Water

May 21, 2019

Already, LGBT lawyers are preparing legal strategies to use the moment the so-called "Equality Act" is approved. They are even drafting arguments in "open cases" to be able to use the very same day this bill passes.

Make no mistake, this bill is a real threat. HR 5 (now known as S 788) passed the House of Representatives on Friday and has automatically been assigned to the Judiciary Committee in the Senate. One Republican and two Independent senators are supporting it. Already there are 47 total senators who have committed their support to this bill. It is up to you and me to stop this bill.

This week Liberty Counsel Action is doing an initial delivery of our petition against this horrific bill. The "In-Equality Act" targets people of genuine faith and erases protections for women. Sign your name immediately to be included in our powerful petition to the leadership who has the power to stop this bill. Then keep reading to see our strategy to stop this bill -Mat.

LGBT activists need just four more votes and a signature for this bill to become law so that they can start punishing every freedom-loving American. Nearly all large tech companies are financially backing this bill and supporting those who fall in line. In addition, there are a lot of financial institutions and many, many other popular brands pushing this legislation.

Just four of these company are worth more than 2 trillion dollars. When legislators are so desperate to raise money, the quiet promise of future donations is a huge temptation! Even President Trump has not yet committed to veto this bill.

But I promise you, I am committed to fight against it. Our staff in D.C. is actively working directly with senators to kill this bill. I believe we can if we don’t give up.

Will you stand with me to make sure that we have all the tools our organization needs to make sure this happens? By the end of this week we will deliver thousands of petitions in our first round. Please consider your best possible donation immediately to help us deliver this petition to stop this vote.

I hope you will tune in to The Mike Huckabee Show this Friday and Saturday evening on TBN. I will be a guest and share more information on this bill millions of others!

Meanwhile, I need every single name that we can get on our petition. Will you take just a few seconds to give us permission to add your name?

I want to ask you to stop and pray for us right now. Then it is time to act. Not a single Democrat had the courage to stand up to protect religious freedom, innocent babies, or the family, but Liberty Counsel Action is standing in the gap today. Will you please consider a donation of 25, 50, or 100 dollars right now to help out?

We are looking to partner with others who care about this issue and are passionate about protecting our freedom. I would appreciate any help you can provide today.


Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. We are hoping to get more than 25,000 signatures on this vital petition. We are very close to achieving that milestone. Would you sign LCA's petition right now to help reach this goal? Then, if you can donate and forward this message to your friends, family, and church members, I would be extremely grateful for your support.