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A True Story of What the "Equality Act" Would Bring to America

May 31, 2019

Nine years ago, England passed their own "Equality Act." Now, a well-loved Church of England vicar, who was also a parochial school governor, has resigned over this law. The controversy started when an 8-year old boy in his school decided to become a girl. This shocking story demonstrates the urgent need to stop the "Equality Act" right now in America. - Mat

As an English church school’s governor, John wanted to ensure that an eight-year-old pupil was not being pressured by others to make a drastic, life-altering change. But his superiors denied his request to ensure that parental guidance, psychological counseling or a professional medical diagnosis were conducted before the boy “became” a girl.

Instead, the religious school brought in a radical LGBT activist group called the "Mermaids" that distributed factually and legally false information to school employees. But John had studied biology at Oxford. He said of the many inaccuracies and outright falsehoods in the training, "I was gobsmacked by what was being said from a biological perspective," according to the Daily Mail.

It was also made clear that to not use the student's preferred pronoun would be considered a "hate crime." A head teacher told John that he was legally bound by the English "Equality Law" to not deviate from the pupil's wishes.

At the end of the Mermaids’ training, there was a time for questions. But when John tried to question the false information in the training, the “trainer” attacked him.  “My job is to deliver training...I don’t have to listen.” School employees also tried to silence John, saying “It’s training's not time to share your viewpoints.”

But, thank God, in America it IS time to share our viewpoints! And we must do so before it is too late. The fraudulently named “Equality Act” has already passed the U.S. House this month by a margin of more than 60 votes.

When reality clashes with this supposed “equality” legislation, just as in Great Britain, it is greeted with censorship, threats and overt oppression.

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In the recent situation in England we’ve been considering, John asked if “pastoral provisions” would be made to have additional counselors available to the Christian parents and children who might be confused about what was going on at the school. But instead, school officials refused for months to even inform parents or students of what was going to happen. They didn’t want parents and other students to know what was going on.

When John brought his concerns to his Church’s leaders, he was received with hostility and in the end was threatened with dismissal. John was so shaken from these tense exchanges that he reportedly broke down in tears.

After serving as vicar to his church for fourteen years and as a school governor for seven years, he concluded he must quit. He felt the Church of England was no longer a place of truth and grace; rather, it had become a place of discrimination, hostility and oppression of truth.

Eventually, the church school did send an email to parents on the same day the student transitioned. But this narrow time-frame still denied parents the ability to approach and discuss this topic beforehand with their children and answer questions that would arise as the students slowly processed this information. But this was too late for John, who had resigned in protest of how the school had been handling the situation.

In America, the so-called "Equality Act" is, in reality, a powerful leftist tool designed to destroy our religious liberties. In less than a decade, we see that similar legislation in Great Britain turned the Church of England into the enforcement arm of LGBT activists. Unless we can stop this bill, John's story will certainly be repeated in the United States.

Already, 47 U.S. Senators have pledged support for this outrageous, anti-freedom bill in America. But we can still stop it.

Take action today and send your faxes to senators demanding that they STOP the so-called "Equality Act!"

Back in England, the "Mermaids" LGBT training group later released a statement that doubled down on their radical views. Going far beyond the school, the statement reads, "The Equality Act 2010 means that anyone, including children and young people, is protected if they identify as trans, and this protection is extended to them everywhere, including within their homes." 

LGBT groups on both sides of the Atlantic have goals so broad that even parents, in the privacy of our own homes, must be forced to bow to LGBT whims and wishes.

Liberty Counsel Action is focused on defeating the deceptive "Equality Act" and preventing the destruction that has taken hold in England from acquiring the force of law in America. John's story should stand as a warning to every God-fearing American.

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Having been forewarned of the "Equality Act's" consequences through Great Britain's experience, we must not be silent in opposition to this horrific bill.


Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

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