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What's the Harm in the Do No Harm Act?

Aug 11, 2019

Radicals are pushing the next threat, which is called the "Do No Harm Act" (HR 1450). It eliminates religious freedom protection for employers and medical professionals. The Harm Act gives higher privileges to those being offended than to those exercising their religious freedom. This is very dangerous.

The Harm Act's language specifically includes the phrase "dignitary harm" as a trigger to end any religious exemptions. That is so broad it can encompass nearly any situation. If you give a radical activist two seconds, they can create a way that any authentic religious action will "harm" their dignity. This one bill could effectively erase all religious exemptions in America.

This bill applies to workplace "standards," benefits, and wages. It would force churches and other religious organizations to provide benefits to employees that come out as LGBT. Such employees could demand their boss take action and support things that completely oppose their boss's personal values and the organization's corporate beliefs.

Beyond that, there is potential that this bill could be used to target and eliminate exemptions that protect religious speech, such as marriage being between a man and woman. It would only take the connection that speech is an "action" that causes "dignitary harm" to someone in the LGBT community.

Join with me to send a message to our legislators that religious freedom in America is not to be trifled with. Religious exemptions must remain intact. Use LCA's fax system today to make your voice heard.

The Harm Act also targets medical professionals. It removes exemptions for religious doctors, nurses, or any medical profession giving "access to, information about, referrals for, provision of, or coverage for, any health care item or service..."

This "Do No Harm Act" does the exact opposite of its name. It forces doctors to perform "gender-reassignment surgeries" that mutilate physically healthy bodies. It also demands they prescribe hormone-blocking prescriptions that can permanently damage a child's future ability to have their own children.

It removes religious exemption for those who do not want to provide referrals to abortion. This bill could even demand that a pro-life doctor perform an abortion and murder an innocent child.

Right now, this Harm(ful) Act has been introduced in the House Judiciary Committee. It has 130 co-sponsors, including a presidential candidate.

We need to make sure that this bill is stopped in its tracks. Congress needs to get this message loud and clear. Send this urgent message straight to Capitol Hill with LCA's fax system.

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Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

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