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Forced to Perform an Abortion

Aug 29, 2019

Even after begging for an exemption, a nurse was coerced into assisting with an abortion. See radicals’ plan to go further and erase all exemptions for medical staff nationwide. Help me stop this deadly legislation. - Mat

One Vermont nurse—we’ll call her “Jamie”— had no idea that her day’s jobs would include a deadly choice. In the next few minutes, Jamie would have to choose between either killing a pre-born child or possibly losing a job, even a career, forever.

Jamie had already filled out the medical center’s official paperwork stating personal her belief in opposition to abortion years ago. And Jamie already had claimed an exemption to never have to perform those murderous procedures. This stance was well known to co-workers.

The University of Vermont Medical Center completely disregarded Jamie’s religious exemption. Even though other nurses were available, the center picked Jamie to assist in that day’s abortion. When Jamie entered the room and realized what was being demanded, she tried one more time to appeal, to back out, to stop their involvement in the nightmare unfolding in the room.

There were other people available on staff at that moment. They didn’t share Jamie’s moral standards. They could have stepped in to help. Jamie spoke with the doctor in the room and pleaded one last time to not be involved in that day’s elective abortion. But this supervisor made it crystal clear in Jamie’s mind that if Jamie didn’t participate, this job and perhaps even this nurse's entire career could be over in the blink of an eye.

I wish I could tell you, in this moment of crisis, Jamie stood firm.

But that’s not what happened…

The medical center beat Jamie in a contest that should have never even started. This is something no nurse should have to face.

But that horrible day, a seed was planted in Jamie’s heart to fight for the rights of other nurses forced into similar situations. That seed grew into the courage to stand up to the entire University of Vermont Medical Center and say, no more. Stop denying nurses the freedom to not harm others.

Months ago, Liberty Counsel Action helped encourage a foundation that could help Jamie now. We supported the creation of a special Conscience and Religious Freedom Division within the Office of Civil Rights under the Dept. of Health and Human Services. This division’s mission is to come alongside medical professionals and protect their rights. We advised President Trump’s administration on the necessity of this new division. We were right.

This is exactly where Jamie turned for help. The Office of Civil Rights sent an ultimatum letter to the medical center to either begin granting exemptions to staff in the next 30 days or lose millions of dollars in government grants. The office used the Church Amendment to demand this freedom for Jamie and every medical professional in America.

However, this freedom for Jamie to choose, is exactly what these so-called “pro-choice” supporters hate. In fact, they want to wipe that choice out, not just for Jamie, but also for every other nurse in our nation.

They are so committed to erasing these freedoms that there is a current bill in the U.S. legislature to do exactly that. With deadly irony, they named this the “Do No Harm Act.” It will force medical professionals to actively participate in abortions, medical mutilation of gender-confused individuals, and other controversial procedures. This legislation specifically denies religious exemptions for medical professionals.

These legislators will be trying to push this legislation and a host of other damaging bills through soon. It is critical that we stop them. Will you add your voice to help us protect the freedom of the next “Jamie” to walk away when her hospital is forcing her to kill, maim, or harm her patients?

Yesterday, the medical center made a public denial that they forced Jamie to assist with an abortion. To try to cover their tracks, the Burlington, VT center “refused to conform its policies to federal conscience laws, provide all the documents requested by OCR, or produce witnesses for OCR interviews,” according to the Office of Civil Rights.

But this office would not be thwarted. It did its own investigation and found evidence that, not only was Jamie coerced, others were as well. This office released a statement yesterday saying:

“OCR spoke with several other UVMMC health care personnel who, since at least the spring of 2017, have been intentionally, unnecessarily, and knowingly scheduled by UVMMC to assist with elective abortions against their religious or moral objections. Such personnel were often not told in advance that the procedures they were being assigned to assist with were abortions. Health care personnel who are coerced in that way suffer moral injury, are subjected to a crisis of conscience, and frequently experience significant emotional distress, even if they succeed in declining to assist in the procedure after the assignment is made.”

Hospitals are attempting to ignore the Church Amendment, which protects the conscience rights of health care workers. And the so-called “Do No Harm” bill in Congress is attempting to destroy it. Now is a crucial moment to fight for the rights of the next “Jamie” to keep her freedom. Just click the button below to get started.

It is exciting to see the creation of this division of the Office of Civil Rights pay off. Standing up for Jamie today makes it easier for the next “Jamie” tomorrow. Medical professionals save our lives; we need to save their freedom.

Please consider a generous donation to help LCA fight the next battle for the freedoms that would be erased by the “Do No Harm Act.” Donate 25, 50, or 100 dollars to help us fight today’s battles for tomorrow’s victories.


Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Help LCA protect the next “Jamie” from being forced to assist in an abortion. If you are able to donate, we would be grateful for your support. Send your fax today to fight to protect these religious exemptions. Then, help us spread the word about this and other dangerous bills Democrats are pushing. You can do that by forwarding this message to your friends, family and church members. Thanks in advance for any help you can give today.