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Death from Deception...

Sep 5, 2019

A medical professional is facing investigation for simply using the correct pronoun in medical records. Already, radicals are attacking some people for accurately writing down patients' gender. But now, they want to spread this persecution nationwide. Their plan is revealed in a bill mis-named the "Do No Harm Act," which tries to outlaw the truth when it comes to pronouns. I am legally representing this professional to protect his freedom. But I need your help to stop a wave of LGBT bills that would take his persecution nationwide.

Medical professionals are being squeezed into a no-win situation. And they are facing disastrous consequences on both sides. If a doctor uses an accurate pronoun, even in the semi-privacy of medical records, they can fear being dragged through an investigation, like my client is right now. Without my help, he would be alone while facing discovery and a ruling on the false claims of "discrimination," and he would be in danger of being passed over for promotions or possibly even fired.

On the other hand, bowing to politically correct desires has consequences that are even more dire. Mislabeling genders can be deadly. Gender is a biometric marker, just like race, eye color, hair color, height, and weight. Accurate records regarding height, weight and gender are absolutely necessary in a medical context. These factors can affect what tests, dosages, and procedures are required or necessary.

The "Do No Harm Act" seeks to make it illegal everywhere in America for medical professionals to use accurate pronouns in medical records. This will force medical professionals to choose between providing the best care for their patients and facing crippling lawsuits OR falsifying thousands of medical records to obey the law.

We already know that this falsification has led to the death of at least one innocent child. How many more must die for there to be a groundswell of voices opposing this madness? You can join with Liberty Counsel Action to add your voice to opposing this bill.

In case you missed it (because the mainstream media sure didn't talk about it), two weeks ago, I told you about "Kelly" whose medical records stated that she was "male."

When Kelly showed up at the hospital her symptoms were nothing serious if she had been a man. But the reality is, she wasn't. She was a biological woman who had stopped taking male hormone treatments. She was pregnant and labor was threatening the life of her unborn child. However, her medical record gave the nurse no reason to think that pregnancy was even possible.

After significant time had passed, the hospital medical staff realized the gravity of the situation. By then, Kelly's labor had pushed the umbilical cord into the birth canal and her baby's heartbeat went from "unclear" to not beating at all. Moments later, Kelly delivered a stillborn baby.

If medical records had been accurate, this nurse would have had the chance to save this baby. Instead, Kelly's baby suffered the ultimate sacrifice because these medical records were politically correct instead of accurate.

This devastating story will become much more frequent if the "Do No Harm Act" is passed. Will you help me send a clear message to our legislators to stop this ridiculous legislation?

Liberty Counsel Action's staff is gearing up to fight this battle. We have identified the so-called "Do No Harm Act" as one of nine top-priority bills that attack our religious freedom. We need your help to continue this fight. Your gift of 25, 50, or 100 dollars will help us win these battles.


Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Send your fax today. If you are able to donate, we would be grateful for your support. Then, could you help us spread the word about the dangerous bills radicals are pushing by sending this message to your friends, family and church members? Thanks in advance for any help you can give today.