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Congress Is Blocking Protections for Newborns

Sep 20, 2019

My legal team has exposed the grisly actions of Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting. Now, two more U.S. House Representatives joined the effort to pass the Born Alive Act. This bill is now just 15 legislators away from passing the House.

This bill will add punishments for doctors or nurses who neglect, abuse, or actively murder newborn babies after a failed abortion. It is shocking that this is even controversial. However, the reality of D.C. is that this bill will not pass unless we force them to pass it. Send a fax today to demand that Congress take immediate action. - Mat

New evidence shows that babies are systematically having their organs harvested after they are born and while their little hearts are still beating... and hundreds of legislators in Congress are fighting so that abortionists can continue this truly barbaric behavior.

My legal team with Liberty Counsel finished a multi-week effort in court to defend Sandra Merritt. She is one of the undercover videographers exposing Planned Parenthood. What we found out in this courtroom is explosive!

Testimony, under oath, has authenticated the undercover videos and the materials in them. But there is so much more that we have uncovered! “Doe 12” gave testimony that indicated these newborn children are victims of illegal partial-birth abortions.

When my team confronted “Doe 12” about her statements during Merritt’s undercover video about shipping “intact cases,” she did not deny that her company harvests and transfers babies from completely intact abortions. 

When we questioned her again about StemExpress’ connection with studies that require a beating heart, this woman hesitated. When the judge demanded an answer, she said reluctantly, “Yes, we have provided heart tissue to Stanford [University].”

Since this has been revealed, not a single abortionist has been convicted.

Liberty Counsel Action has created a way for you to help stop this. On Capitol Hill, there is a bill that would create punishments for medical staff who kill or maim newborn babies after a failed abortion. We just need 15 more U.S. Representatives and nine more Senators to put an end to this horrific evil.

Can I count on you to send an urgent fax to our legislators demanding that this stop?

My heart is heavy with the realities we’ve uncovered. I ask you to pray for justice for Sandra Merritt—that all of the bogus complaints against her will be dropped. And I ask that you contact Congress in every way possible.

Once these children are earmarked for death by abortion, it doesn’t matter if they survive the abortion, if these newborns are without defect, or if they have the ability to survive outside the womb. It doesn’t even matter how hard they fight to stay alive. At any point, inside or outside the womb, they can be slaughtered for their organs and the person who killed them can just walk away, without fear of punishment!

Congress knows this and is doing NOTHING about it. In fact, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is actively blocking the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act from even coming to a vote. That is why we have to push this bill so hard. Hundreds of legislators are fighting, some even filibustering, to block protections for these newborns.

This churns my stomach and I ardently want it to stop. I need your help to change minds on Capitol Hill. I urge you to passionately and politely demand action in the halls of Congress. Every day that passes represents the lives of newborns that were killed by the very people who should be saving their life. Help me end this by clicking the button below to send an immediate fax to Congress.

LCA staff have painstaking built a list of which legislators are most likely to change their minds to support this bill and we have compiled their fax numbers. I ask you to help hold Congress’ feet to the fire to stop this death and destruction of innocent newborn babies. 

We rely on donations to our organization to cover the many costs on Capitol Hill. I encourage you to become a monthly donor of 25, 50, or 100 dollars or more to allow us to push back this assault against innocent life.


Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. While the information from this case is still fresh, it is critical to take a stand for newborns’ right to life. Send a fax today to urge Congress to immediately protect these newborns. If you are able to donate, your support allows us to continue fighting for life. Help us spread the word about the dangerous blockade against this bill by sending this message to your friends.