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You Won't Believe This Evil...

Oct 4, 2019

China’s cruel government harvests organs from prisoners of conscience—while they’re still alive— according to a human rights watchdog group. Below I share an eyewitness account.

I must warn you, this is gruesome.

But this evil is not limited to China. The exact SAME thing is happening right here in America—as we now know thanks to pro-life hero Sandra Merritt. Along with her colleague, David Daleiden, Sandra exposed Planned Parenthood’s wicked trade in human organs harvested from the helpless babies.

And Congress members are blocking a bill right now that would create punishments for medical staff involved in this horrific evil in America. But for a lack of 20 votes (15 in the House and five in the Senate) this bill has been stopped.

This is why I am asking for your help right now. Will you send a fax to a list of hand-picked U.S. legislators who are most likely to change their minds and support the Born Alive Act?

Then read below for a shocking account uncovering the sordid truth about what Planned Parenthood and communist China have in common. –Mat

China harvests organs from prisoners of conscience—while they’re living. And does so on a mass scale.

A lawyer for the group China Tribunal told the UN Human Rights Council that, victim for victim and death for death, cutting out the hearts and other organs from living, blameless, harmless, peaceable people constitutes one of the worst mass atrocities of this century.

This gruesome first-hand account drives home the horror of what is happening. It comes from a medical intern in China who relayed his experience to China expert Steven Mosher, who published it in the New York Post...

The prisoner was brought in, tied hand and foot, but very much alive. The army doctor in charge sliced him open from chest to belly button and exposed his two kidneys. “Cut the veins and arteries,” he told his shocked intern. George did as he was told. Blood spurted everywhere.

The kidneys were placed in an organ-transplant container.

Then the doctor ordered George to remove the man’s eyeballs. Hearing that, the dying prisoner gave him a look of sheer terror, and George froze. “I can’t do it,” he told the doctor, who then quickly scooped out the man’s eyeballs himself.

Mosher cites experts who claim some 60,000 to 100,000 organ transplants take place each year in China. And most, Mosher writes, "are obtained by executing prisoners of conscience."

There are no words to describe the utter evil and inhumanity of this sordid practice.

But this evil is not just happening in China.

Planned Parenthood is doing the same thing right here in the United States of America.

A medical researcher gave testimony to my legal team how completely horrified she was when she realized that “organ procurement” workers were cutting beating hearts from the chests of living babies in Planned Parenthood abortion facilities.

Dr. Theresa Deisher, a research scientist with a doctorate in molecular and cellular physiology from Stanford University, took the stand at pro-life hero Sandra Merritt’s criminal hearing in San Francisco to give dramatic expert witness.

Upon reading various studies involving baby human hearts procured from Planned Parenthood, she realized there was no way for those studies to have been done UNLESS THE HEARTS WERE STILL BEATING WHEN CUT OUT FROM THE ABORTED BABIES. Without anesthesia, of course.

In bombshell testimony, Dr. Deisher testified that her knowledge helped lead Sandra Merritt and David on a more than two-year undercover sting.

In the FOUR years since these videos have come to light, not a single abortion clinic employee has spent even one night in jail! And I am frustrated that Congress continues to block punishments for neglect, abuse, or the dissection of living newborn babies.

Planned Parenthood is not even on trial ... it’s my client Sandra Merritt, who is a godly and courageous grandmother, a pro-life hero. She went undercover to expose Planned Parenthood’s vile commerce in human body parts harvested from small, helpless, innocent human beings.

Because of her groundbreaking investigation into Planned Parenthood’s evil deeds, Sandra is now fighting for her freedom and future in both criminal and civil court cases.

I do not want to let her down. I want to make sure that we stop this inconceivable evil. But to get this bill passed, I need your help. Spread the word to your friends and neighbors about the reality of what is happening in our nation. Send a fax today to help our legislators know how important this bill is.

Right now, our staff are creating more resources and tools to help citizens across American become articulate advocates for these newborn and preborn babies. Your gift now is critically important to continue this work.

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For life and liberty,

Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. While the evil of harvesting organs from living people in China is shocking, it is even more horrific that this same thing in happening in America! I hope that as a nation, we will rise up to protect these newborns’ right to life. Send a fax today to urge Congress to immediately protect these newborns.

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