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Bias in the Courtroom

Oct 10, 2019

Sandra Merritt took the stand in her first public testimony... only to be interrupted and censored by the judge presiding over her case.

Thanks to Sandra and others, we know the truth. Planned Parenthood and its partners were caught causing tumultuous labor, which would produce living newborns, that were dissected for hearts and brains, while their hearts were still beating... and then selling those organs for thousands of dollars!

It doesn’t get more evil than that. However, there are many powerful voices fighting for Planned Parenthood from California all the way to Capitol Hill.

In fact, right now, hundreds of U.S. legislators are fighting to block punishments for these so-called “medical professionals.” Unfortunately, those legislators appear to be winning.

The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act is currently dead – unless we can change minds and fight it through. Will you send an urgent fax to a targeted list of legislators who are most likely to change their minds on this bill? -Mat

Unfortunately, in Sandra’s case, the judge is locking down what my legal team can talk about.

His opening statements said Sandra’s case is “not about the truth of whether plaintiffs profited from the sale of fetal tissue or otherwise violated the law in securing tissue for those programs.” “Those issues,” he concluded. “are a matter of dispute...outside this courtroom.”

Except, that is exactly what this case is about.

In California, if you believe someone is involved in criminal activity, you can record them. And if the recordings are in public places with others present, they are permitted. But the judge is shielding the jury from seeing the videos except for some minor snippets. . .

This jury is being asked to decide Sandra's fate without seeing and hearing what Sandra saw, heard ... and recorded.

The judge stopped Sandra during her testimony and ordered the courtroom clerk to remove the “descriptive characterization” and warned Sandra that in the future she should “just go straight to the question.”

In fact, before this trial, there was a motion to recuse this judge because of his ties to Planned Parenthood. While on a local board, he “helped open, run, and fund a Planned Parenthood clinic,” according to that motion. His wife also has close ties to partners of Planned Parenthood. She publicly defended Planned Parenthood after the videos were released. But this judge refused to recuse himself.

I am asking you to pray for Sandra, and for my legal team! And I hope that you will take action to make worthwhile the personal sacrifice that Sandra has made, and is continuing to make, even today.

Infanticide is a chilling mark against our nation. It is time to rise up, to come together as a team, and to fight for these newborn babies. Our nation’s leaders in the halls of Congress need to face the truth. And Planned Parenthood needs to face justice.

We only need 20 legislators to change their minds to pass the Born Alive Act through Congress. This bill will establish punishments to anyone who participates in infanticide of newborn babies earmarked for abortion. Those protections would stop the infanticide that my client Sandra exposed.

Will you become the voice that urges our leaders to do the right thing?

Liberty Counsel Action just finished compiling a comprehensive list of 277 U.S. Senators and Representatives. These are the men and women who are fighting against the protections in the Born Alive Act.

Do you know where your legislators stand? They have just two days left in their home districts. I hope you will make your voice heard before they head back to Capitol Hill.

In addition, LCA has adjusted our faxing destinations to connect with our highest tier of targeted legislators in their home offices. We have hand-picked a list of those who are most likely to support these protections for newborns. Use our faxing system right now to ensure they get your urgent message to uphold justice now.

Every time you donate to Liberty Counsel Action, this helps us take this fight farther down the halls of Congress. Please consider a monthly donation to our organization or a one-time gift to help us do more. We deeply appreciate your prayers and support in this life-and-death battle.

For these little ones,

Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. I can’t believe that Congress continues to shield Planned Parenthood from facing the consequences for its atrocities. I hope that as a nation, we will rise up to protect these newborns’ right to life. Send a fax today to urge Congress to immediately protect these newborns.

If you are able to, please donate. Your support bolsters our team in our fight for these lives. Then help us spread the word about the dangerous blockade against this bill by sending this email to your friends.