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Found: 165 New Baby Bodies

Oct 11, 2019

In the ongoing investigation of deceased abortionist Ulrich Klopfer, the bodies of 165 more children were found this week in the trunk of one of his eight Mercedes Benz vehicles in storage. The exact number of bodies was originally estimated to be 1/3 of that because of their decomposition. This brings the total number of aborted bodies he was storing to more than 2,400.

This is a slap in our face of exactly what Planned Parenthood is all about. And my client, Sandra Merritt, exposed that they are willing to participate in so much more. My legal team’s recent efforts in court brought proof that Planned Parenthood is involved in the systematic murder of preborn and newborn babies.

While our nation is divided about many things, we should be able to unite around medical care for infants born alive. Even a lot of “pro-abortion” people agree on that. The one group that doesn’t … is Democrats in D.C. There are 277 legislators who are refusing to establish this basic care for our newest citizens. And I will share the appalling reason why with you in a moment.

But first I hope you join me in sending a fax today to demand justice and legal punishments to those who hurt and kill these precious little ones. Just click the button below to get started. –Mat

As shocking as the contents are found the trunk of abortionist Ulrich Klopfer –just dumped in a cardboard box— they represent only a fraction of one percent of the abortions that this one man performed in his lifetime. Each year, Planned Parenthood does well above 300,000 abortions. And we have very little knowledge as to how many of these children are born alive.

These living newborn babies were one of the main reasons that my client, Sandra, got involved. Now, Planned Parenthood has been feigning financial harm as a basis to sue my client. However, this is just one lie among many in the trail of lies and dead bodies left in the wake of this organization.

The true reality was exposed this week. Planned Parenthood unveiled their election plan to spend 45 million dollars to “defeat Trump” and flip the U.S. Senate. This happens the same week they are sitting across the courtroom from my legal team demanding that Sandra pay this abortion giant 16 million dollars in damages. All while they whimper and wail, blaming this grandmother-turned-whistleblower for cooked-up financial “woes.”

Let that sink in. At the exact same time this organization has come crying to a California judge asking him to bankrupt a 66-year-old grandmother, they are pouring millions of dollars into campaign slush funds more than a year ahead of the upcoming elections.

We’ve hit a nerve. I believe that the abortionists are the key to stopping this appalling practice. Abortionists are spread thin, with sometimes one person performing abortions across multiple clinics or even across state lines.

Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act will hold accountable all medical staff who neglect, abuse, or kill newborn babies. This is absolutely necessary! Thus far, not a single abortionist has been held accountable in the last four years since my client’s testimony.

Our current laws and loopholes are just mind-blowing! Planned Parenthood is trying to buy our legislators’ votes on this issue. But their money doesn’t change the reality of what they are doing.

Unfortunately, our window may be closing to hit Planned Parenthood where it hurts. We know that 277 legislators are trying to keep the status quo, even using the filibuster to maintain this horrific loophole. I hope that you will help me find just 20 legislators who are willing to look at the truth and be moved by the reality of what is happening across America.

Send an urgent fax today to reach as many targeted legislators as you can, before they return to Capitol Hill this weekend!

++ A perfect storm

In addition to what is happening in California and in Congress, now the U.S. Supreme Court is also getting involved. The high court has taken up a Louisiana law that requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at a local hospital.

If we can pass the Born Alive Act, this will strengthen the critical need for abortionists to have these admitting privileges, so that they can offer the care that this bill requires. There is a cascading effect the Born Alive Act could have across our nation.

Currently, these little children are labeled “failed abortions.” They are dependent on the whims of the nurses on duty — or abortionist on staff — to decide if they will receive medical care ... or, if they will be dumped in a bucket of formaldehyde!

Newborn babies all deserve the same level of care, regardless of if their mother wanted them or not. And the Born Alive Act will make that our nation’s law.

I urge you to get involved. Click on the button below right now to send a clear demand to make your voice heard today!

LCA staff are continuing to reach out to state organizations to build a coordinated effort to change the minds of these legislators.

I urge you to help us spread the word. There is almost a complete media black-out on the current developments in Sandra’s case and this legislation! Please send an email to help your friends know what is going on! Then pray for these legislators and share our list of who are fighting against justice for these little children.

Finally, I ask you to consider your best donation to empower us to continue this battle. Any donation you give above the cost to fax will help our staff prepare additional resources to push this forward. You can choose a monthly donation to our organization or a one-time gift to strengthen our voice on this challenge. I am so grateful for any help you can give to right this wrong.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. I can’t believe that Congress continues to shield Planned Parenthood from facing the consequences for its atrocities. I hope that as a nation, we will rise up to protect these newborns’ right to life. Send a fax today to urge Congress to immediately protect these newborns.

If you are able to, please donate. Your support bolsters our team in our fight for these lives. Then help us spread the word about the dangerous blockade against this bill by sending this email to your friends.