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Scalping Babies...for Profit

Oct 18, 2019

We had explosive testimony in Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit against Sandra Merritt recently. One witness revealed Planned Parenthood and affiliates were ripping scalps off babies’ heads to sell to research facilities.

I’ll reveal just how long this has been happening. And show you the money trail proving how taxpayers have paid Planned Parenthood not once, but twice to support these actions!

This truly savage behavior has NO place in our nation. And yet it is one of the many things Planned Parenthood has been doing to born alive and pre-born children.

I hope you will read this chilling report and help us pass the Born-Alive Act. Just click below to make your voice heard today! -Mat

It is absolutely revolting what my legal team is helping bring to light. Recently, the former board director for the Center for Medical Progress, Albin Rhomberg, testified in defense of my client Sandra Merritt. This is what she told the court about Planned Parenthood:

“There were these rumors that they were collecting the bodies [of aborted babies] for sale or for distribution in some way. In some cases, the people noticed that the [baby] parts went out before the mother went out. She would come—[some] times, come staggering out later, typically throwing up in the bushes and being helped out of the place, after the baby parts had already gone into the FedEx truck.”

After talking with the FedEx drivers and conducting online research, Rhomberg discovered groups like StemExpress and Advanced Bioscience Resources were purchasing baby parts, and they were being resold to those conducting research on baldness.

“They were scalping the babies and taking their scalps and grafting them on to immune-suppressed mice, and then using various pharmaceuticals on these humanized mice to test the effect upon preventing or, I suppose you might say, treating baldness,” said Rhomberg.

This so completely sick, twisted, and evil... I don’t have words strong enough to condemn this behavior. And it is in the pursuit of frivolous, superficial vanity. But – it gets even worse.

As shocking as this is, this is not new behavior. Rhomberg also testified that pro-life sidewalk counselors first discovered that Planned Parenthood was involved in the trafficking of baby body parts in the early 2000s. This is about a dozen years before Sandra Merrit’s undercover investigation began.

Rhomberg said that the staff at the abortion facility would arrive in the morning. Then the abortionists would come. Midmorning, a new group of people arrived carrying containers, sometimes with ice and other tools and equipment. A few hours later, a FedEx truck arrived at a regular time and departed with “special refrigerated gel-pack containers.”

This is outrageous! I hope you will join me in pushing to pass the most basic regulation –which is still being fought tooth and nail by Planned Parenthood. The Born-Alive Act will establish punishments for medical staff who neglect, dissect, or kill a living newborn baby.

Born-Alive is absolutely necessary because the California’s AG office has alluded in recent testimony against Sandra Merritt that once a child is designated for abortion, then infanticide is acceptable in California!

We can protect these children by passing the Born-Alive Act at a national level to close these gigantic loopholes. Will you send a fax today?

The amount of our tax dollars that are essentially laundered to end up at Planned Parenthood and its affiliates is truly mind blowing.

Planned Parenthood actually increased the money it got from the federal government last year. In 2017, it “received $543.7 million in federal grants and reimbursements ... that number rose to $564.8 million,” in 2018 according to the Daily Caller.

In addition, in 2018 one group received 4.6 million dollars in federal grants through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to conduct research on “Human Fetal Tissue” at the University of California, San Francisco.

Last year, NIH spent 115 million tax dollars on federal grants to groups that were experimenting on human fetal tissue.

This week my legal team in the ongoing civil trial got a Planned Parenthood doctor to admit to changing abortion techniques to harvest intact body parts and then sell them! This is illegal.

Now, we have both video evidence and testimony under oath that Planned Parenthood has broken multiple laws.

Help us create federal punishments for doctors involved in infanticide. We need your help to pass the Born-Alive Act to stop infanticide!

In December last year, we thought we won a hard-fought victory against human fetal research. After our campaign with weeks of meetings and alerting the media, on December 7, 2018 President Trump finally directed NIH employees to stop procuring new fetal tissue for research!

But shockingly, the NIH is now projecting an additional 120 million dollars will be spent in 2019 on “Human Fetal Tissue.”

This demonstrates the constant need for a pro-life presence on Capitol Hill.

Thank you for your compassion for these little children.


Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. One person can have a huge impact in changing a whole nation. I urge you to get involved, earnestly pray for our nation. Then send a fax today to urge Congress to immediately protect these newborn babiesOr if you haven’t already, sign our petition to congressional leaders.

Help us end this evil of infanticide in America. Since the media isn’t talking about this, I need you help by sending this email to your friends. You can donate here to help us continue this fight.