Advancing Liberty Through Action

You Can Reverse the Media Blackout

Oct 25, 2019

We have made strategic connections in some of the leadership offices in the U.S. House. We are starting to build a blueprint to bring together people both inside and outside the D.C. beltway. It’s your help that makes it possible for our staff to demand rights for these born-alive babies.

This is the start of an exciting time. And it’s a critical moment to overcome the inertia on Capitol Hill against the Born-Alive Act. Already, Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s office has promised to change his vote to support this bill.

But Rep. Van Drew has not yet fulfilled this promise by signing the Discharge Petition for the Born-Alive Act. My staff is busily working to get in his office at the beginning of next week to urge him to take action. We plan to take our Born Alive Petition with all the names of everyone who has signed it.

But my staff just told me your name isn’t included because you haven’t signed our petition yet. It is urgent that we hear from you right away. We need a flood of patriots standing with us in this petition and in prayer as we walk into Rep. Van Drew’s office.

Time is quickly running out to get this bill passed through Congress before the end of the year. Every name counts in this effort. Will you add your name to this powerful petition? Just click the button below.

Everything that Planned Parenthood has done is sickening. Today, I want to come alongside and give you easy tools to impact both your community and Capitol Hill.

There is a huge media blackout about what is happening to these children. Most of the people in your community have no idea what is going on.

God calls us each to an incredibly important role in this battle for these little ones. Your role is deeply important, and it is one that only you can fill. I need your help to wake up your neighbors and friends. You are known in your community and can take our message and spread it further.

First, we have created not one but TWO example “Letter(s) to the Editor.” I ask you to submit one to your local newspaper. You can just download it in a few seconds, sign your name, and email it (or submit it online) to your local newspaper. Or feel free to combine parts of each, or edit, or add additional facts as best suits you and your community. (Probably do not drop off a printed copy, they will want to avoid re-typing it.)

Once you’re done, I’d love to hear where you submitted it to. Just reply so I can see what newspapers have gotten a letter.

Secondly, forward this message to community leaders, reporters, friends, family, and church and club members.

Then, send a fax directly to Rep. Van Drew and a hand-picked list of other legislators who may change their votes too.

I am so grateful for friends who come alongside our organization. You enable us to provide the tools for a national campaign to fight these battles every day. We couldn’t do it without the faithful support of patriots across America.

Please pray about partnering with us through giving a monthly donation to our organization or a one-time gift to empower us to do more. Thank you!


Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. I urge you to submit a letter to the editor to get the word out. I’m excited about Rep. Van Drew’s promise to support our Born-Alive Discharge Petition efforts in the U.S. House. Please join our petition to him and other legislators who are considering supporting this bill. Then send a fax today to urge Congress to move on the Born-Alive Act.   

If you are able, call Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s office in D.C. today, at 202-225-6572. And I want to deeply thank you for your concern, prayer, and donations. Finally, if you can, help spread this news to your friends and acquaintances to help us educate them—especially anyone you know in the southern New Jersey area! Please send them this email.