Advancing Liberty Through Action

Victory... For Now.

Nov 22, 2019

Last night, President Trump signed a continuing resolution that we supported. This avoids a government shutdown today while also blocking the House’s radical budget. This continuing resolution stops funneling millions of additional tax dollars to pay for abortion. The bad news: it funds the government for only 29 more days.

While this is a great victory for the children who will not be killed by abortion using your taxes, we cannot become complacent. I joined our team in Capitol Hill meetings with legislators this week. My staff is continuing to educate and support our senators to stand strong on this issue. The President has signed a firm commitment.

It will be challenging when the next deadline comes on December 20. Again, the House majority will try to box them into a government shutdown or force your money to pay for the murder of other little babies, almost on the Eve of Christmas! I encourage you to prayerfully support us in this busy season of Thanksgiving and Christmas so that we can amplify your voice to our legislators. - Mat

We dodged a bullet last night. We stopped legislation that would have poured millions of your tax dollars into abortions, abortion ads, and graphic sex education that feed the lie that abortion is needed in America and around the world. In addition, we were able to protect the incredible progress President Trump has made in stopping American taxpayers from picking up the tab for an international culture of death.

But this continuing resolution includes an automatic rematch for radicals to push their budget bill again next month. When this budget fight returns, there will be a powerful paradox facing our nation.

We will be celebrating the Christ child, born under difficult circumstances to give hope to a lost world. At the same time, the U.S. House majority is seeking to maintain power by sending our resources and people to kill innocent children -- just like King Herod did so many years ago!

Our staff will be working up and down the halls of Congress to help our legislators understand the clear choice they will be making on our budget. They can either stand with the baby Jesus or follow a wicked king who was complicit in the murder of so many innocent babies.

While these halls will be decked to celebrate a child born 2,000 years ago, we will be working to protect the children that should be born tomorrow. Partner with us by donating today to enable us to take this message to Congress.

The vast majority of Americans believe that we should not force taxpayers to fund abortions. I firmly believe this is the biggest injustice in our nation and I appreciate your prayers and support to help us turn the pages of history to end this now. Abortion has no place in the future of the United States of America.


Mat Staver

P.S. Take a moment with us to celebrate this victory and then help us keep fighting this generation’s greatest injustice. Help us restore our nation’s moral compass by donating today. Then we would be deeply grateful if you could spread the word to others who can help us win this battle on Capitol Hill and around the world.