Advancing Liberty Through Action

Our Legacy Hangs in the Balance

Dec 31, 2019

I wish I could adequately convey to you my concern about what will come in 2020 if we do not rally and make good decisions. - Mat

The current U.S. House majority passed the most dangerous bill I have yet seen—the intentionally misnamed "Equality Act." Thankfully, the Senate leadership is preventing this bill from coming up for a vote. But there are already 47 senators sponsoring this disastrous bill, and billion-dollar-companies are pushing it hard.

If 2020 changes even a few seats in the Senate or even flips the White House, disaster will fall upon every American—especially Christians and people who share our Judeo-Christian values.

  • If the elections go the wrong way, then the "Equality Act," among many other destructive laws, will immediately pass.
  • The blood of infants will flow freely. We will pay for their slaughter with our tax dollars. And we will pay as a nation.
  • Children will be taught that they can choose to be male or female. This causes unspeakable damage.
  • Churches will be forced to celebrate the LGBT agenda. They will face crippling lawsuits for non-compliance and will lose their tax exemptions. Christian colleges will lose their accreditations, which will force them to compromise or close their doors. Sin will be celebrated with the force of law.
  • Parents could lose their children if they refuse to use their preferred pronouns or withhold surgery to remove healthy gender-specific organs. It is already happening.

I am not exaggerating. I wish this was hyperbole, but it's not. This is why I am working so hard to get this message of warning to thoughtful patriots like you! Wrong decisions in 2020 will cause an explosion of evil that will dramatically impact your home and loved ones.

I need your help to make sure this rampant unleashing of evil does not come to pass. To counteract this in 2020, we are preparing an aggressive legislative and grassroots mobilization strategy. Our goal is to educate and motivate millions of people to vote biblical values, despite the hi-tech censorship coming from Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

We have one of the largest lists of Bible-believing churches in the country. We want to get our Silence is Not an Option DVD and booklet into the hands of every pastor possible. You can help us reach out and mobilize tens of thousands of pastors in battleground states to encourage millions of strategically placed people to vote biblical values!

As we approach the end of 2019, I am issuing you an urgent "Year-End Challenge Opportunity" to help us reach this goal.

I am deeply concerned about 2020. That's why I'm reaching out to you today and am issuing this Challenge Opportunity. Join in the fight to save helpless infants, schoolchildren, families, faith, and our very freedom.

The endless attacks on President Trump are because he has done more for religious freedom, life, family, America, and Israel than any other president in modern history. And by extension, the people who hate the President have that same hatred for all politically active Christians and people of faith.

This year, the mask of Satan has been removed. We have witnessed New York legislators cheering after they passed a law permitting abortion up to birth and beyond.

Liberty Counsel Action is gearing up to reach millions of citizens and tens of thousands of churches in order to mobilize people to pray and vote biblical values. But to accomplish all that needs to happen in 2020, I urgently need your help right now. You have just a few hours left this year to respond.

With your help, we can continue fighting for good laws and work to stop the bad ones. We have been very successful in 2019. We need to continue our efforts as we enter the crucially important year ahead.

Thanks in advance for your actions to support our work on Capitol Hill and to educate and mobilize millions of citizens during the critical 2020 election season.

May today be the eve of restoration in our great nation!


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Please send your best possible gift as part of our Year-End Challenge Opportunity to help Liberty Counsel Action. Together, we can end the year strong and prepare to meet our shared goals in 2020.

The LCA team and I wish you a Happy New Year's Eve!