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Time to Stand Up to China

Jan 14, 2020

Just 13 days ago, Pastor Wang Yi was arrested and thrown into a Chinese prison for the crime of spreading the gospel. Sentenced to nine years, Yi will endure some of the harshest prison conditions in the world.

Today, the Vice Premier of China leads a delegation to Washington D.C. But VP Liu will fly out tomorrow. There is ZERO time to waste. President Trump is expected to sign Phase 1 of a Chinese trade deal this week.

We have a very short window to get a message to Capitol Hill demanding progress towards religious freedom in China. The lives of countless Chinese Christians are at stake. Your actions today could stand up for a whole country of believers who have no voice to fix their own government.

I’ll show you how bad it has gotten in China below, but first click the button to send your urgent fax today. - Mat

Crammed into 21-square-foot cells that house a dozen or more prisoners at a time, religious convicts like Yi are subjected to horrifyingly unimaginable conditions. There are no toilets. Food and water are scarce, and days can pass without any provision at all. Beatings are regular and violent. Death behind bars is common even for prisoners serving “short” sentences. Many prisoners never see the light of day again.

Right now, countless other Chinese Christians, like Pastor Wang Yi, are literally dying for their faith.

We have a window right now to position religious freedom as a mandate for China to receive favorable trade conditions. The United States Trade Representative’s Office, along with the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee, will set the terms of the forthcoming China agreement. And you can speak directly to those offices, demanding religious freedom, with an urgent fax today.

YOUR fax to US Trade officials can save lives. Don’t wait.

The fact is that the Communist Chinese government continues to be an extraordinarily oppressive regime—particularly when it comes to Christians.

Christianity is only technically legal in China. The government requires the “church” in question to let the government appoint all church leaders. It fundamentally changes the gospel message and replaces pictures of Jesus with photos of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Failure to obey the government edicts results in arrest and time served in prison camps.

In China, spreading the gospel as written in the Holy Bible is a crime.

Tell the U.S. Trade Representative to STAND WITH Chinese Christians

Despite the plight of Pastor Yi and the thousands of other uncounted and unnamed religious prisoners suffering under China’s “illegal church” policy, America has a unique opportunity at this moment in history to create real change in China—the kind of change that comes from the light of Christ.


Trade deals have long been used to compel potential trade partners to implement basic human rights like freedom of religion, and the United States Trade Office (USTR) is right now in the process of negotiating a historic trade agreement with China.

China is so desperate to regain favorable US trade terms that they have even agreed to buy American rice—a feat akin to ‘selling ice to Eskimos’ as the saying goes. The USTR should take advantage of this once in a generation opportunity and require China to guarantee religious freedom to ALL of its citizens as part of the US China Trade Deal.

The lives of countless Chinese Christians are at stake.


In addition, your partnership with Liberty Counsel Action helps us identify and bring these opportunities to a national stage to bring change. We completely rely on the donations of friends and supporters just like you to continue this important work.

Thank you for standing up for our brothers and sisters in Christ even on the other side of the world.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Today we need to send an urgent message to the U.S. Trade Representative’s office to use our position of trade leverage to fight for religious freedom in China. We cannot sit on the sidelines any longer. Help make a difference by sending your fax, donating, and forwarding this email to like-minded friends who care about believers worldwide. Thank you for your prayers.