Advancing Liberty Through Action

Historic Crossroads

Oct 15, 2020

Amy Coney Barrett has been willing to put everything on the line in her efforts to protect freedom in our nation.

Judge Barrett said yesterday, “If we are to protect our institutions, and protect the freedoms, and protect the rule of law that is the basis for the society and the freedoms that we all enjoy, if we want this freedom for our children, and our children’s children, then we need to participate in that work.”

I agree.

She revealed yesterday that the attacks leveled against her had brought one of her children to tears. And wanting to shield her children from this was the main reason that gave her pause before she accepted this nomination.

“The children are a reason not to do it, but they’re also the reason to do it,” she said. If she didn’t say yes, it would be “a little cowardly. And I wouldn’t be answering a call to serve my country in the way I was asked.”

I urge you to come alongside this incredibly qualified woman and make sure the deep sacrifice that she and her family are making right now results in her sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court. The future of the country depends on it. Send your urgent fax now to the U.S. Senate demanding that they confirm Judge Barrett without delay. -Mat

Our staff, Peggy Nienaber and Jonathan Alexandre, greeted by President Trump at the White House.

In America, we think of the U.S. Supreme Court as the final arbiter of our society. With the stroke of a pen, five people destroyed the meaning of marriage in America and placed a target on people of faith living out their values in public.

Seven men ruled in favor of Roe v. Wade and turned our nation’s legacy into one that protects the killers of more than 62 million American children.

The raw power of this court is unmistakable. It has become America’s oligarchy.

That it is also not what our founding fathers intended. They hadn’t even given the court its own building. Yet still Thomas Jefferson warned of its potential for power, “The germ of dissolution of our federal government is in … the federal Judiciary; an irresponsible body ... working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today ... until all shall be usurped.”

The fight happening now will determine if we will rein our Supreme Court back into a position where it will not destroy our Republic. If we do not act on the opportunity to confirm Judge Barrett, we will see America become an oligarchy. It will happen on our watch.

We have a historic opportunity to fight to restore our nation through her originalist views. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Be a part of this today by rushing your fax to the U.S. Senate right now.


You may know us only through our emails, faxes, and petitions, but Liberty Counsel Action is so much more. We have a physical presence located on Capitol Hill and a full-time staff fighting to restore freedom in our nation. Our ministry center is strategically next to the U.S. Supreme Court building and within walking distance of all the legislative offices on the Hill.

And we are using our Ministry Center across the street from the Supreme Court as a base of operations to help restore our nation.

One of my team members was named as one of the top ten most influential people during the then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

Now we are back with reinforcements for Judge Barrett. My team uses a unique blend of prayer and developing relationships in coordination with many other ministries, and then from that foundation we speak truth to those in power on Capitol Hill.

Through a partnership with other groups, my team-members organized hundreds of people to gather and pray for Judge Barrett on Capitol Hill this week. Repeatedly, as we saw opposing protestors come over to attempt to disrupt our work, hands would be lifted in prayer and these disrupters would give up and go away.

I want to encourage you with the real and active power of prayer! But that is not the only thing we see as being powerfully effective. We also see legislators change their minds when they hear the voices of American voters. That is why we work so hard to empower you to know the real story of what is happening in D.C. We also make it easy for you to have your voice bring truth to those in power. Be heard on Capitol Hill today with your urgent fax supporting Judge Barrett’s confirmation now.

In spite of the Federal Bureau of Investigation doing a thorough background check on Judge Barrett, not once, but twice in the last three years, Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono (D) still took a moment to level the following question at Judge Barrett:

"Since you became a legal adult, have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors or committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature?"

Judge Barrett said “No” to each bizarre accusation. This godly, kind, generous woman accepted this nomination, knowing that this was the type of nonsensical, brutal attacks that she would be subjected to.

In addition, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) spent his time grilling Judge Barrett, and then interrupted her so that he could express fake horror that she would not answer the question that he just stopped her from answering.

I need you to understand the gravity of what is happening today. And the power struggle that is at stake now. If we don’t rise up and take action, we will be responsible for a missed opportunity to restore America from the brink of an oligarchy. We may not ever have this opportunity again.

For this reason, I again urge you to make your voice heard in this absolutely critical moment.


This morning, LCA staff was at the White House. We were hand delivering names to the Vice President, of people who have joined in the effort to support Judge Barrett. This is important because if there is a tied vote, our Vice President will have to cast the tie-breaking vote. Our boots on the ground are working very hard to make sure that your voice is heard by those who have the power to change the future of our nation. So if you've ever wondered if your fax and your petition signature make a difference, we make sure IT DOES! But we can only fight this battle because your donations enable us to call America back and restore our nation. Please give your best gift possible today to continue our powerful ministry on Capitol Hill.

Thank you for standing with us and joining the battle to fight for the future of our nation.


Mat Staver, Chairman

P.S. The Senate needs to hear from you right now to move forward confidently. Send your faxes to the Senate urging them to take action.

Sign our petition to the U.S. Senate at this critical time.

Our adversaries are flush with tens of millions of dollars that were instantly raised following the Supreme Court vacancy. But we have the support of generous patriots across America. Please support our ministry with your best possible gift to help us win this battle for the Supreme Court.