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How They Lie to the American People

Oct 20, 2020

Radicals know they don’t have the law on their side. They don’t have medical science. And they don’t have the truth.... but what they do have on their side are social media tech employees controlling what you can and can’t see or hear. They think if they control our words then they can control our votes.

They might be right.

That is why LCA is fighting so hard to pull back the black shroud of censorship that Big Tech is using to hide what’s really happening in our nation.

Over the weekend, our legal team wrote an urgent legal complaint that we officially filed with the Federal Election Commission yesterday. It includes information about how Facebook is making illegal in-kind contributions to the Biden/Harris campaign by censoring and silencing critical information about these candidates. Facebook cannot violate federal election law to sway the election.

Join your voice with ours by sending an urgent fax directly to the legislators and the federal departments that have the authority to end special protections to censor your free speech. Now is the time for you to rise up and demand accountability with your critical fax today. -Mat

There are shocking levels of censorship happening online right now.

Over the weekend, Dr. Scott Atlas, the head medical advisor on the White House Coronavirus Task Force who replaced Dr. Fauci, was silenced by Twitter. All he wrote was, “Masks work? No.” Twitter deleted his tweet and silenced his voice because it does not fit the political narrative they want to push.

The truth is that a July study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that 3 out of 4 (74%) new cases of COVID-19 came from people that “always” wore a mask. If you add to that people that “almost always” wore a mask, those two categories accounted for 88% of new COVID cases. In direct contrast, only 3-4% of new cases were from people who “never” wore a mask.

However, the CDC sat on these results for three calendar months before releasing this information to the public. Then, when the top doctor advising the White House about COVID-19 dared to comment on it, his voice was silenced.

Now is the time to demand that these Tech Giants be held accountable by sending your fax to the FEC, the FCC, the FTC, and Congress urging them to change the law and rules that give Big Tech special privileges.

Right now, not only are we facing communistic levels of censorship. We are also facing those same levels of disinformation.

We are going on day six of Twitter’s suspension of the New York Post’s account for exposing Hunter Biden’s use of the White House to illegally put tens of millions of dollars into his own pockets.

However, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) went public with a shockingly false claim that “this whole smear on Joe Biden [and Hunter Biden] comes from the Kremlin,” “from Russian intelligence.”

But the truth is that Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute was given access—even the password—to the original Gmail account of Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner to verify these emails are real. Schweizer wasn’t looking at a screen shot of emails; he had access inside the email program to look at the original emails themselves in order to publicly verify that these emails are real.

Hunter Biden’s two ex-business associates have already been convicted, but Hunter hasn’t even been charged. And his ex-business associates believe it is because of Hunter’s connections and his willingness to leverage his connections to the White House.

The truth is being censored at an alarming rate in America right now. It is time to demand that that our legislators and our federal departments act now to put an end to this. Send your fax today to fight for free speech.


If Twitter and Facebook feel comfortable silencing doctors with medical studies to back up what they are saying, and censoring the truth while politicians push bald-faced lies—these Tech Giants absolutely will continue to silence individual patriots like yourself all across America.

I have been censored and my staff members have been as well. In fact, 1.2 million posts from innocent people are being censored EVERY DAY just on Facebook! The voices of Americans are being silenced.

Many feel utterly helpless to restore our freedom. But I encourage you to not be discouraged. We have a plan to push back. At an organization level, our staff is sharing our strategies with other groups that are adopting our methods. And you can help spread the word to other individuals by forwarding this email.

I am confident that our plan will successfully restore the free speech of Americans. We have hand-picked our faxing targets and provided them with details on how they can fix this problem. Now, you have the choice to speak up and demand that our legislators and department leaders take action, or accept a silence that may soon become permanent. Make your voice heard with your fax today.


Our whole staff senses the urgency right now.

We are working way outside of normal business hours to fight for your free speech, but we cannot do it alone. It is the donations of our friends and supporters that empower us to find a solution. And it will be your support that helps us see these solutions put into action.

Our goal at Liberty Counsel Action is to supply the tools necessary to successfully restore our freedom of speech. We can only do this because of the faithful partnership of freedom-loving Americans who support our vision. Give today to help turn this vision into a reality.

I deeply appreciate your care and concern for our nation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Now is the time to fight against these Big Tech censors who want you to be ignorant of the truth so that you will believe their lies. Send a fax demanding that legislators and bureaucrats work to protect your free speech today.

I also invite you to forward this message to like-minded friends who want to see freedom preserved in America. Then sign our petition to protect free speech.

Each day brings a new set of battles and challenges to the truth as known by our nation. You can keep our ministry moving forward with a donation of any size today, together we can restore our nation to the freedoms our Founding Fathers intended. God bless.


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