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Fauci Lied, and People Died . . .

Jun 5, 2021

Not only did Dr. Anthony Fauci use your money to create a more contagious and deadly coronavirus, he actively used his position to block a highly successful treatment for the monster he helped create.

His words and actions kept an effective solution out of the hands of the people resulting in unnecessary loss of life. Fauci must go! Send an urgent fax today to demand legislators that Fauci be Fired. — Mat

In 2005, Dr. Fauci was both chief of the lab and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is an institute within the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH published in the Virology Journal research that “Chloroquine [a form of hydroxychloroquine] is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.”

“Scientists may have found a treatment for a deadly new [Middle East Respiratory Syndrome] coronavirus,” according to a 2013 USA Today article. In the same article, Dr. Fauci encouraged immediately using this treatment on the MERS-CoV, which included hydroxychloroquine [HCQ], according to Free Republic. Even without trials, in 2013, Fauci said, “If I were a physician in a hospital and someone were dying, rather than do nothing, you can see if these work.” And the drugs did.

But as soon as we reported on this treatment, once praised by Fauci for a similar coronavirus, USA Today quietly removed its online article. Then when a Fox News White House correspondent asked Dr. Fauci if there was “any evidence to suggest” that HCQ could effectively treat COVID-19, he replied, “No. The answer is no.”

Many studies showed the effectiveness of HCQ to help people with coronaviruses.

However, Dr. Fauci lied, ignoring his OWN organization’s research on a form of hydroxychloroquine and its effectiveness on coronavirus as well as other work he had publicly supported in years past.

Dr. Harvey Risch, M.D., Ph.D., an epidemiologist and dean at Yale School of Public Health, with more than 300 published medical works, said last year that by refusing to acknowledge the efficacy of HCQ, about 100,000 people died in America because they did not receive the HCQ treatment for COVID. Risch gave that number last fall! The number is now much higher.

The blood of American citizens who were improperly treated for COVID is on Fauci’s hands.

Dr. Fauci had never treated a single COVID patient during the pandemic.

In contrast, the Henry Ford Medical Center is a group of at least 18 hospitals. They did a peer-reviewed study on a treatment using HCQ for more than 2,500 people. They compared the hospitals’ original COVID-19 mortality rates to mortality rates after the hospital started patients on HCQ and dexamethasone. The Detroit-based system saw this treatment cut mortality rates cut in half for its hospitalized COVID-19 patients (from 26% to 13%).

But instead of praising this hospital system’s fantastic work reducing mortality by 50%, Dr. Fauci attacked and discredited its efforts to save as many lives as possible. He labeled the study “flawed” because of the human compassion to provide the best treatment possible. Fauci attacked these medical professionals because they didn’t heartlessly place innocent people—with families and loved ones—into a study that doctors knew would deny them access to this lifesaving treatment!

But it gets even worse. When these hospitals requested access to more government-hoarded HCQ so they could do a new study on this drug, the government first waited a month—in the midst of a pandemic—before even responding. Then the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) flatly denied their request for HCQ. After unnecessarily attacking this hospital system, our government denied the opportunity to have the medicine to do a new study on this promising COVID treatment!

We now know through released emails from Dr. Fauci that he had daily, in-person meetings with the head of the FDA. Fauci was publicly and unnecessarily attacking hospitals that were finding and offering lifesaving treatment. And he was part of the team that worked to deny patients, doctors and entire hospitals the medicines they needed for better patient outcomes during a pandemic … even attacking them on the basis that they were saving as many lives as possible. This is sick!

Send an urgent fax to demand support for bills in Congress that will Fire Fauci and commence a full investigation into his work.
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Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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