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MORE Computers to Manipulate Votes

Jun 29, 2021

Democrats are pushing a new bill to mandate more computers that will manipulate and control future elections under the guise of "fairness."

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Democrats want computers to decide every precinct boundary in America. Pre-programmed algorithms will be able to draw boundaries that favor Democratic candidates.

The Big Tech algorithms censor everything on social media. There is no ultimate truth on many search engines. In fact, some search results are skewed based on where you live! We do not want to cede elections to computer programmers or people like Mark Zuckerberg.

The election fraud bills (HR 1/S 1/S 2093), the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and Manchin's so-called "compromise" must be stopped. We can fight to block it! Send your urgent fax right now! -- Mat

Sen. Joe Manchin's "compromise" is worse than HR 1/S 1. He supports the failed "John Lewis Voting Rights Act" (JL Act), which would require nationwide "preclearance" from Joe Biden's Department of Justice (DOJ). In other words, the Biden DOJ has the power to withhold preapproval from any state or local election law, policy or even minute actions.

In one case where the DOJ exercised preclearance several years ago, the DOJ objected to a city annexing property because it added TWO WHITE VOTERS to the precinct. Unbelievable!

To make matters worse, Manchin submitted a list to include in this already terrible bill. He wants to "ban partisan gerrymandering and use computer models."

Many elections will have a completely different outcome if the precinct boundaries are intentionally moved to include a slightly different composite of voters. Most election maps indicate large sections of each state in Red with Blue in several densely populated areas. States like Florida and Virginia, for example, must wait to see how a couple regions vote to determine statewide elections results.

Listen to what Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) told CNN, "If we deliver
[S 1], we maintain power in 2022. If we don't ... we risk losing power and risk this moment to really push a progressive agenda."

To dominate future elections, Democrats want the Biden DOJ to be in total control and computer "algorithms" to redraw voting precincts.

I don't have to tell you how computers can steal elections or censor speech. A devious programmer could easily manipulate precincts so that one party dominates to "really push a progressive agenda." It would take a ridiculously small piece of computer code to manipulate this process to favor one candidate or party over another! And this could all be done with nearly imperceptible changes.

Make no mistake. Manchin's version will open the floodgates for fraud. We must stop this blatant power grab. Click here or the button below to send your fax to key senators.

Illegal immigration combined with the JL Act will ensure Democratic dominance.

At least 2 million illegal aliens will cross the southern border this year. Once in the U.S., there is a constant stream of these people being transported to undisclosed destinations within the U.S. It would take very few trips to bolster voters where Democrats are worried about losing in swing states!

"Make no mistake, the Biden administration is purposefully making it harder for federal law enforcement and immigration officials to do their jobs and expel those who come here illegally," Mark Morgan, former acting commissioner for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, told the Daily Journal.

I have never seen an attack on free and fair elections like what is happening now. We have, so far, frustrated their efforts to pass HR 1/S 1. They are getting desperate. But, believe me, they will not give up. Nor must we. We can win if we continue to fight.

The Democrats aren't slowing down, they just keep renaming their plans and adding even worse elements to these new versions. It is urgent that we flood the Senate against the JL Act, HR 1 and all other versions. Click here to send your fax to key senators.

This attack on election integrity is the linchpin to push this country into socialism. If this passes, the AOC, Sanders, Pelosi, Schumer, open-borders, anti-law enforcement, antisemite agenda and anti-America agenda will destroy this country.

As we approach Independence Day, we must fight to maintain our freedom.

The Senate needs to hear from you immediately. Demand they STOP THE ELECTION FRAUD BILLS.

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Freedom is not passed on in our DNA. Each generation must fight for it. This is our time. This is our generation. Let's fight and never give up. We can win!

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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P.P.S. Send a fax directly to members of Congress to urge them to fight these election fraud nightmares. Then sign our petition against this bill. God's blessings on you.


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