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These Cries for Help Stay With Me

Jul 29, 2021

“We have to get in those communities, and we have to knock on those doors, and we have to convince people, and put them in a car, and drive them, and get that vaccine in their arm. That is the mission.”

Gov. Cuomo, who killed the elderly when he ordered nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients, is at it again. So is Joe Biden, who is forcing VA employees to get the shots or be fired.

We are being flooded with cries for help.


This week, we witnessed a coordinated effort with Joe Biden, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Biden is forcing Veterans Affairs employees to get the shot or be fired. Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a memo admitting multiple times that the EUA law and the FDA require the “option to accept or refuse” the shots. Clear enough, but not to the DOJ.

The DOJ then says that despite the clear EUA law, it only means you have the right to be told you can refuse, but you can’t refuse!!! That is like saying you have the “right to remain silent,” unless we tell you to speak!

As if on cue, Cuomo said his enforcers will go door to door, put people in cars “and get that vaccine in their arm.”

Newsom added his part to this trio by ordering all state employees to get the shots.

We are being flooded with pleas for help. We are working with hundreds of people whose work and school careers are being threatened. This is wrong!

We must demand freedom to make these personal decisions and push the state and federal governments back into the role of limited government!

Send your faxes to demand no Vaccine Passports or Mandatory COVID Shots.

On the one hand, we hear the cries of people being forced to take these experimental shots. On the other hand, we hear the cries of people like 12-year-old Maddie de Garay. She was a happy, healthy, straight-A student. Her mother, an engineer, “trusted the science” and registered her daughter for a Pfizer COVID clinical trial.

They wanted to help end the pandemic. But the only thing that ended was Maddie’s good health.

Eighteen hours after her second dose of the shot, Maddie started to crash. She suddenly developed severe muscle and nerve pain, sending painful electrical shocks down her neck and spine. This vivacious preteen no longer could stand up straight without excruciating pain.

She could barely manage to walk even a short distance while hunched over. Her fingers and toes were white, ice cold and painful to touch or to the pressure of walking. Maddie had pain in her chest so severe that she said she felt as though her heart was literally being ripped from her rib cage. Next, she developed fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension and regurgitation of food. She became unable to swallow food or even liquids.

The itchy rashes came next. Her skin began peeling. Unexplained painful cysts were appearing on her body. Tinnitus, vision problems, headaches and dizziness occurred. Her blood pressure and heart rate became erratic and uncontrollable. She began having 10 or more seizures per day before finally losing feeling in her legs.

Between January and April, Maddie was taken to the ER nine times and had to be admitted to the hospital three times. Six months after taking the second Pfizer shot, Maddie is paralyzed, confined to a wheelchair with a feeding tube through her nose. Tragically, this young girl’s health continues to decline.

I am consumed with the urgency to help these people. We are being overwhelmed with desperate cries. Help us help them with your gift that will be DOUBLED by our Challenge Grant.

I know there are many people who received the shot and are doing fine. You may be one of them. But I also know there are hundreds of thousands of people who are severely suffering and thousands who died from these shots. The VAERS log most recently reports 491,217 adverse reactions, including 62,339 who required urgent care, 36,117 who were hospitalized and 11,405 who died from the COVID shots.

Please have sympathy for these people. As a pastor, my heart aches. As a lawyer, I will fight for them and for those who have the RIGHT TO REFUSE these shots.

Help us help these people crying for help. We are working with hundreds of people who face the loss of their careers and education. Support LC Action here or by clicking the button below.

And we are pushing back in the states and in Congress. Send your faxes to demand no Vaccine Passports or Mandatory COVID Shots.

We are being flooded with calls from people who are being told they must get a COVID shot to work or attend school. This coercion is a violation of federal law. None of the shots are FDA approved. They are under Emergency Use Authorization.

This decision must be your free choice. Help us make sure everyone has the freedom to make these important decisions.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. You can help fight for medical freedom with your actions today. Select here to DOUBLE the impact of your gift.

Send faxes to key leaders demanding they do not mandate a vaccine.

Or if you prefer, sign our petition to these leaders to be delivered at critical moments in this fight against mandatory vaccinations.


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