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Captain Is Harassed For Her Religious Beliefs

Nov 10, 2021

Today, we are providing assistance in the lawsuit styled Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden. Affidavits are pouring into our offices with even more compelling stories about the incredible pressure on military members and civilian contractors to get the COVID shots or face severe discipline. Some of the rocket scientists who are responsible for rocket and satellite launches are being told FRIDAY is their LAST DAY.

One captain shares how she and her sister went through The Basic School and the United States Naval Academy together. They have lived together most of their lives. But when her sister got engaged, her commanding officers rudely denied her leave and demanded she get the shots or miss her sister’s wedding.

Even worse, these service members are being threatened with dishonorable discharge for merely submitting a religious exemption request. And they are reaching out to us pleading for help with heartbreaking stories. Help us serve them and fight for their freedom. DOUBLE your gift through our Challenge Grant. —Mat

This young woman, I’ll call her Carrie,* graduated at the top of her class at The Basic School (TBS) initial officer training. She pursued aerospace engineering at the United States Naval Academy. She was assigned to the Marine Corps as a captain with more than five years of honorable service and is an F-35C Lightning II pilot. This is a single-seat aircraft used for surveillance and strike missions.

But when the COVID shot was first rolled out, Carrie requested a religious and medical exemption. Both were denied. She shared:

I have seen everything from coercion, undue command influence to receive a voluntary drug, hypocrisy in enforcement of rules for vaccinated versus unvaccinated, hypocrisy in enforcement of mitigation rules between officers and enlisted, being denied leave, having to speak individually and discriminatorily with my Commanding Officer (CO) and the higher headquarters CO. During these meetings, I had to explain my position ad nauseum and defend my religious beliefs. These 1-on-1 meetings with an O-5 and O-6 were extremely uncomfortable, intimidating, and stressful.

But the hardest point was when she asked for leave (vacation) for her sister’s wedding. Carrie requested it months before the wedding. She said, “My command provided me with little to no information on the status of my request.” She even offered to test before and after the wedding so she could attend. “Ironically, I had a Marine (vaccinated) that thought he had Covid-19 and was given the privilege of ‘testing out’ in order to board the ship for our detachment,” Carrie shared.

Finally, the last week before the wedding Carrie was informed that her request for leave was denied. At this point, even though her commanders knew how important this was to her, “no empathy or support was provided.” Then to add insult to injury, Carrie said, “I was forced to attend a squadron party of nearly 40 people on the very same night of her [sister’s] wedding (even though I was supposed to be ‘restricting’ my movement prior to boarding the ship).”

This so clearly emphasizes how this was not about a disease, but about her commanding officers punishing Carrie because she requested an exemption from the shots.

But Carrie stood firm, and she stands firm today.

Carrie’s story is one of many we are helping place before the judge today for the hearing next MONDAY.

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In 2020, when everyone in the military was supposed to wear a mask, “it was not seriously enforced at my squadron,” Carrie said. “However, when the policy was updated to only include unvaccinated individuals, only then did officers begin to enforce this policy. I was corrected several times to wear my mask by the same officers who blatantly disregarded this policy when it applied to them.” A senior officer even instructed Carrie’s peers to make sure she was always wearing a mask!

But it didn’t stop there. Mask wearing invited additional discrimination because it publicly singled out Carrie among her peers as not having the shot. “I was often intrusively asked by officers and enlisted Marines and Sailors alike why I had not gotten the vaccine when seen wearing a mask.”

In addition, Carrie was the one who informed her executive officer that the injection being given was not the FDA-approved COMIRNATY but was the other Pfizer injection still under EUA. He said he would “ask around,” but the next day, COVID injections were being given with no informed consent. When Carrie asked if it was legal to inject service members with an experimental drug without their consent, the doctor dismissed it and said she was just following guidance from her superiors.

One person who took this injection had very serious problems the next day that progressively got worse and continued until the reaction was reported—four months later. “B.B.” is suffering from neurological and inflammation symptoms, “headaches, numbness, leg pain, eye pain, heart palpitations … Now my vision has been affected … Had doctors taken me seriously at the beginning … would have prevented damage of the eyes.” These shots are damaging and deadly, and their development and/or testing using aborted fetal cells raises serious religious objections for many!

I am encouraged by a new wave of warriors who understand the importance of standing up for their faith, no matter the cost. Help us STOP THE MANDATES for people like Carrie! DOUBLE your gift to provide more help through our Challenge Grant.

I cannot fully describe the expressions of gratitude we are hearing from the thousands of people we have already helped. However, the cries for help and the desperation of so many more people are increasing. These stay with us every day. Help us help these people. Help us give them hope!

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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*Name has been changed for privacy.


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