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No Lifesaving Surgery Unless . . .

Nov 29, 2021

“You will not give me a life-saving surgery unless I get the COVID vaccine?” I asked. “That’s correct,” my nurse replied. We are hearing from people all across America who are being denied lifesaving organ transplants if they do not get the COVID shots.

This insanity must stop. I’ll explain how this is draining their life every moment they are refused treatment.

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The organ transplant center knows Sarah* as a name on an organ transplant list. Every day she experiences 24 hours of waiting for a phone call, hoping, praying for new kidneys, until now ...

+  +  This is life and death for these precious people ...

Removed from the kidney transplant list ...

“I’m in stage 5 renal failure … a nurse from the transplant center in Omaha, Nebraska, called and asked my vaccination status … A week later the transplant coordinator called and told me that they would require me to become vaccinated to receive a transplant and placed my name on hold on the list. I told her I wanted an exemption, and she said they aren’t accepting exemptions.”

This medical center is giving a death sentence to Christians like Sarah by preventing them from receiving a kidney transplant. Her life will end without new kidneys. In fact, every day her surgery is delayed, Sarah’s life expectancy is shortened—even after her transplant.

The hospital didn’t stop after this death sentence. Its staff repeatedly lied to Sarah saying that these injections are “FDA approved.” But ALL of the injections available in America are still only under emergency use authorization.

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Sarah is not alone.

Another woman was able to work around the organ donor list to find her own replacement kidney. Tiffany* has an amazing brother who was willing to donate to her. But even then another hospital is refusing this lifesaving operation.

Kidney transplant surgery denied ...

“I was approved for a kidney transplant at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee last fall. My brother was recently tested and he’s a match. I got a call from my nurse at Vanderbilt yesterday saying that they won’t schedule the surgery unless I get the Covid vaccine. I told them I have a religious exemption, but they said they won’t accept it. I asked the nurse, & so you are telling me that you will not give me a lifesaving surgery unless I get the Covid vaccine? And she said that’s correct.

“I need someone to help me know my legal rights and help me fight for this surgery. I refuse to get the vaccine … My nephrologist says I need the surgery ASAP. [But the nurse] told me I am currently being listed as inactive until I get the vaccine and then we can move forward.”

Even a kidney transplant donor was rejected ...

“I have been going through the testing phase of being a living organ donor in order to donate my kidney to my friend. I got a call from the transplant coordinator for UC Health in Colorado and was told all my tests are great and that there were just a couple more steps to complete in order to donate. She then asked if I was vaccinated and I let her know that because of my religious beliefs, I cannot be vaccinated. She then stated that my journey with them would have to end because they require all donors and recipients to now be vaccinated … I asked, did it matter that neither I or the recipient were vaccinated and do not intend on being vaccinated? And she said no, that all donors and recipients in their facilities had to be vaccinated … We are just wanting help in being able to continue with the process to allow me to donate my kidney to save my friend’s life. We are reaching out to anyone who could help because this is literally a matter of life and death. Help ASAP as my friend’s health is deteriorating day by day.”

These deadly dilemmas are an emotional roller coaster. People of faith are being placed in horrific situations just for living out their religious convictions. They are being forced to choose between taking an injection either developed or tested using aborted fetal cells or losing their life! This is increasingly common across our country. DOUBLE your gift through our Challenge Grant.

Booted out because of their Christian faith ...

Another person who has been on dialysis more than three years reached out to us. He says, “Those who receive dialysis lose 7 percent of life for each year on dialysis.” He already has lost 20 years of his life expectancy! The clock is ticking for each one of these people in dire need.

We’re fighting against mandatory shots by assisting with critical lawsuits and supporting state and federal legislation to protect personal freedom.

Patients are not the only ones under these forced mandates. A doctor who performs kidney transplant surgeries is also under pressure. He is told that unless he gets this COVID injection, he will be fired. Organ transplanting is very delicate. It is not easy to plug in a skilled replacement. Nor is there an easy way to repurpose this doctor’s skills into a different role.

In addition to doctors losing their jobs, many others in the health care community are facing similar anti-faith attacks.

This is life and death. The need is overwhelming. We are helping tens of thousands of people by assisting on an array of cases fighting unlawful decrees—and pushing for better policies across our nation.

The cries for help and the desperation of so many more people are increasing. These stay with us every day. Help us help these people and give them hope!

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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*Names have been changed for privacy.


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