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Eyewitness Report From Geneva

May 30, 2023

These folks are trying to steal America’s precious sovereignty and replace it with a one world government … run by them, of course. While the agenda is in flux, we may have a limited window of opportunity to stop the World Health Organization (WHO). I will explain below.

One of our colleagues attending the World Health Assembly at the WHO headquarters in Geneva is providing daily updates that the legacy media is refusing to report.

Thus far, not one member of Congress is in attendance. Instead, Joe Biden’s cabinet members are working with former Obama cabinet members to push the “climate change” policies they were unable to pass. They want the United Nations’ WHO to finish what it started.

Demand Congress PROTECT THE U.S. CONSTITUTION by stopping Joe Biden’s plan to put America under the United Nations. — Mat

“We’re living in an era where the treasonous people running our government are trying to build a global government,” says former Congresswoman and now-School of Government Dean Michele Bachmann.

Bachmann is attending the World Health Assembly in Geneva this week as the WHO debates the “Pandemic Treaty” and over 300 new amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

“They’re trying to give our sovereignty, and ... all 194 member nations to give their sovereignty” over to the WHO, says Bachmann.

The WHO is currently an “advisory” body, but Biden and the WHO want to make this organization a legally binding global authority.

The WHO was successful at getting member states to follow its Marxist policies. But the WHO says it needs enforcement authority over anything that has the potential to impact public health to make the world safe.

Under the new treaty being discussed, the WHO will no longer be an “advisory body.” Instead, the WHO policies will become international law. And unless we withdraw from the WHO, the U.S. will be bound to follow those new laws — or face international sanctions and punishments.

This entire week has been singularly focused on “climate change” … and you’ll never guess who is leading the charge … none other than failed Obama Secretary of State John Kerry … with financial backing from the Clintons.

While the WHO appears to have the support to pass the 307 amendments and the treaty, the WHO may move the final vote to its next meeting. This provides a window of opportunity to stop the WHO. HR 79 can defund the WHO. The House can block federal funding from the next budget. The House can hold hearings. And the Senate can insist on a vote.

John Kerry and his daughter, Dr. Vanessa Kerry (who is CEO of Seed Global Health, and recipient of millions in Clinton Foundation cash), led the show in trying to convince attendees that “climate change” is the number one health threat in the world.

“I never thought healthcare had anything to do with climate change until my daughter taught me to realize that the centerpiece of healthcare is climate change,” said John Kerry, according to Bachmann, “and that climate change is causing the health problems in the world.”

The big talk at the WHO right now is the One Health Initiative — which insists that ALL decisions be made based on the environment, humans, and animals, and where humans are treated no more valuable than “cockroaches.” And speaking of cockroaches, the “climate change” crazies have been discussing eliminating cows and chickens, and making meat with BUG protein! Yum!

Despite all the talk, however, no data or science have been presented to back these insane initiatives. Instead, the Kerrys and their “climate change” alarmist friends simply offer fancy words and propaganda.

Many countries are buying into the treaty because they have all been conned into believing the treaties will bring American Mayo Clinic-styled medical practices to their countries. But the reality is these world initiatives — which, of course, U.S. citizens must pay for — will not raise up the equity of poorer nations, but instead will reduce America to poverty, with our citizens reliant on Bill Gates’ lab-grown “meat” and cricket protein powders to survive.

Earlier, I wrote extensively on how Bill Gates used his billions to buy influence and enforce his will on the world, including buying off the WHO to push his vaccine programs during the pandemic.

Now it appears that Gates and his pals are at it again.

The WHO will begin a “test” implementation of its new policies this fall. If “successful,” the treaty will be voted on and implemented immediately at the next WHO assembly meeting.

What “successful” means to the WHO is unclear … but Bill Gates has already given us his idea of climate change “success,” which, according to his 2010 TED Talk, is to reduce the world population by 10-15%. Perhaps his shot initiatives didn’t kill enough folks the last few years. Now Gates wants to pollute us with fake meat, crickets, and heaven only knows what! And he, along with a number of former Obama cabinet members like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton and the man currently occupying the White House, are willing to destroy America’s sovereignty to achieve their dastardly plan.

We cannot allow them to succeed! We have updated our fax to reflect the latest developments at the WHO. The U.S. House bill HR 79 would pull America out of the WHO and defund the WHO. Additionally, the House can defund the WHO in the upcoming budget. The House must hold hearings on the WHO and expose Biden’s plan. And the Senate must insist that Biden not try an end run around the Constitution.

WE MUST STAND IN THE GAP. Please fax Congress and educate them of the dangers ahead. Demand they DO THEIR JOB and protect America from the treasonous individuals seeking to destroy our liberty. Fax Congress NOW to DEMAND THEY DO THEIR JOB to UPHOLD and PROTECT THE U.S. CONSTITUTION!

Our legislators need to know what is happening in these attacks, and they need to be educated and encouraged to take action. We are facing multiple policy crises all at the same time — budget, border, drugs, and corruption. We are only able to respond thanks to your support defending life, religious freedom, and the natural family on Capitol Hill today. We need YOUR help to fund the fight for freedom.

Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. Don’t Forget! Fax Congress NOW and sign the petition.

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